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Things we now know about the Pitch Perfect sequel: Skylar Astin will be involved!

We knew it was pretty much a guarantee, but thanks to the above aca-amazing photo, uploaded by Benji (Ben Platt) himself, we now have photo proof of the knowledge Jesse and Beca’s love story isn’t over yet — or, even if it is, the two are ready to belt out some sad breakup tracks because Jesse will be back for round two. “What better way to spend my first day on set for #PitchPerfect2 than by doing a scene with my roomie @SkylarAstin,” Platt tweeted.

Things we still don’t know: Much of the plot information of Pitch Perfect 2, which will include Pitch Perfect alums Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick, as well as newbies such as Hailee Steinfeld. They’ll be graduating seniors this time around, but will the film once again center on a collegiate a cappella competition? An all-singing summer camp they want to attend? What if the whole thing is a fever dream of Fat Amy’s?

Things we will never get tired of discussing: How cute this photo is.

Pitch Perfect 2 will be released May 15, 2015.

Pitch Perfect 2
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