On Part 2 of Modern Family‘s season finale (airing May 21 at 9 p.m. ET ABC), Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) should finally make it down the aisle. “The second episode continues on with that thread of pure chaos just trying to get this wedding to go off ,” Ferguson tells EW. “But what I’m really proud of that you’re going to see is the real emotion. The writers were really great with handling that moment of the actual wedding. They let Mitchell and Cam exchange vows. I’m sure they’ll cut around a lot of it — that language can get a little dry at times — but for us, it was really beautiful to be able to say ‘I do’ to each other and to really have that moment of being married.”

The show’s writers had a lot to live up to: “For my real wedding [to lawyer Justin Mikita last July], we had Tony Kushner officiate our wedding. He won the Pulitzer Prize and Tony for writing Angels in America and is an Academy Award nominee for writing Lincoln, so I definitely put the pressure on our writers,” Ferguson says. “I said, ‘We had Tony Kushner write our ceremony…so good luck.'”

Expect to see Mitchell and Cam’s first dance as well. “I’m not sure if the song that we actually danced to is the one that they’re going to use, but for the purposes of shooting, we were dancing to ‘At Last,'” he says. The classic Etta James version? “No. The Jesse Tyler Ferguson version,” he deadpans. “I re-recorded it. It’s available on iTunes.”

For more of Ferguson’s trademark wit, check out his EW Pop Culture Personality Test below. He reveals his first — and current — celebrity crush, what he’ll really sing if you get him karaoking, and why he’ll never live down his senior portraits.

Ferguson is also celebrating the fifth collection of his Tie the Knot bow ties available at Proceeds go to various organizations fighting for the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans and marriage equality. See the “best of” collection here, which includes popular designs from Tim Gunn, Isaac Mizrahi, and George Takei. “Ty Burrell designed a bow tie for us — a map of Oregon, because that’s where he’s from,” Ferguson adds. “We’re gonna call it the Ty Tie, ’cause why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that opportunity.”

His dream bow tie collaborator? “Zooey Deschanel has said that she’d like to do a lady bow tie with us,” he says. ” I’d love to get Michael Sam to do one for us. And let’s just shoot for the stars — George Clooney. It would probably just be a black tie and silk, but that’s fine with me.”

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