By James Hibberd
May 21, 2014 at 03:22 PM EDT

Fox’s latest sinisterly entertaining reality stunt I Wanna Marry Harry got off to a very poor start in the ratings.

The series where 12 American women travel to England for to compete for a man they’re indirectly duped into believing is Prince Harry delivered a pauper’s 2.1 million viewers and a 0.7 rating among adults 18-49 during its Tuesday night premiere. (EW’s take on Harry).

Granted, the Fox series premiered against very heavy reality competition (so heavy, in fact, one wonders why the network didn’t simply wait a week to debut their new show). Harry was up against ABC’s Dancing with the Stars finale and NBC’s The Voice finale. Also, The CW’s Supernatural finale, which jumped 38 percent from last week, trounced Harry too, though its numbers were likely impacted by some local sports preemptions.

On NBC, The Voice season finale was down 25 percent from last year’s closer, marking the show’s lowest-rated finale yet, while still winning the night. Overall, this is the show’s third finale decline in a row. One competitor pointed out that NBC has aired a whopping 180 hours of Voice content over the last two years, which could help explain it, along with the general declining interest and over-saturation of karaoke shows (see: American Idol, chart below). Dancing was down 11 percent from last spring’s finale to tie its lowest-rated closer ever.

Full chart:

FOX 8-9P AM IDOL S 1.7 6,614
9-10P I WNNA-HRY- P 0.7 2,050
ABC 8-9P DWS:RD-FNL- S 1.6 11,430
9-11P DANCG-STR S 2.4 14,862
CBS 8-9P JUDGE JUDY- S 0.9 5,662
9-11P ACM-TROOPS- S 0.9 4,452
NBC 8-9P VOICE 8P RS 1.9 7,413
9-11P VOICE-TUE- 3.3 11,565
CW 8-9P SUPERNTRL- RS 0.5 1,202
9-10P SUPRNATURAL- 1.1 2,277