By Samantha Highfill
Updated May 21, 2014 at 04:20 PM EDT
Chicago Pd Season Finale
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Chicago P.D. started its season with a bang when, by the end of episode one, it had already killed off one of the members of its Intelligence Unit. And when it comes to the finale, fans can expect yet another huge cliffhanger. Our advice? Don’t miss the final 60 seconds of the finale. “In our finale, it’s really just about our team and our unit,” Jesse Lee Soffer said. “And something so surprising happens, we didn’t even see it coming when we opened the script.”

But can the finale live up to the drama of the season’s crossover episode? “It will definitely compare,” Soffer promised. However, expect this hour to delve more into Lindsay’s backstory, and specifically, that shady Charlie character who’s been hanging around. “Lindsay gets into a lot of trouble. Charlie might be deeply involved. He might have information that can incriminate her,” Soffer teased.

So with his partner in a potentially incriminating situation, how will Halstead handle himself? “I think he ends up making some decisions about what kind of cop he is or what kind of cop he wants to be. He decides where his boundaries are a little bit, where his morals lie, and I think he realizes that he’s maybe not willing to do certain things but he’s capable of allowing things to happen for the sake of the greater good,” Soffer said. “It’s like you might have to kill one guy to save 100. Morally, how do you feel about that? And every character on the show is going to have a different feeling.”

And although Soffer wouldn’t say much about a romantic moment between Halstead and Lindsay — “If you were the producer of a TV show, would you want your two young partners to have a moment right away or would you want to maybe tease that out for the fans for a long time?” — he did confirm that Halstead will find himself fighting for his partner. “[He] definitely gets pulled in, definitely has to test his boundaries and figure out what he’s willing to do and how far he’s willing to go to help his partner.” And does that mean a Charlie-Halstead showdown is in the cards? “It could be. It depends on how you define showdown, but I will say this: The possibility of conflict in imminent,” Soffer said.

But don’t worry guys, he promises that fans will get some “#Linstead” scenes. And while we’re on the topic, how does he feel about #HotHalstead? “#flattered,” he said with a laugh.

Moving away from Lindsay’s situation, Soffer also talked about the other big drama in the Unit — Jin’s betrayal. When it comes to how everyone will react, he said: “I think it’s almost like Meet the Parents. It’s like, you’re in the circle of trust until you’re not, and if you’re not in the circle of trust, then [it’s] not good for you.” That being said, “We love Jin, so it’s going to be interesting to see where that goes. I actually can’t say more about that because I don’t even know.”

So with that mystery bleeding into season 2, what else would Soffer like to explore next year? Halstead’s background, for one, which he claims you “might see a little bit of” in the finale. “I’d love to see where he comes from a little bit more, and for the audience to see that,” he said. “I have my own ideas about it, but the producers might have another. We haven’t really delved into it too much. What you do know is that he became a cop and one of the first things that happened was the Lonnie Rodiger case, where he murdered the younger brother of Jay’s high school sweetheart. So, he obviously is a home town boy. He’s from Chicago, but other than that, why he went into the military, what he did when he served, his family life and stuff like that – it’s all still a mystery which is good because it’s fun to play with that stuff.”

But for now, all we need to know about Halstead is that he’s trying to help his partner out of a bad situation. “[The finale] is very sticky, and then there’s a really big cliffhanger at the end. Something crazy happens. You’re not going to see it coming, and it’ll be a really good segue into season 2.”

The Chicago P.D. finale airs tonight at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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