X Men Honest Trailer

In a world full of Avengers and Spider-Man, it seems mutants just don’t get any respect.

With another X-Men prequel/sequel/spin-off opening this weekend (it’s getting really hard to keep track at this point), Screen Junkies presents an honest take on the original “triquel” that started it all. With two awesome movies directed by Bryan Singer and one awful one directed by Brett Ratner, the trilogy proved that comic book movies can be good and bad at the same time, like many of the misunderstood mutants in the film, including Mystique who, yes, is absolutely naked. Though not every mutant from the comic books was featured in the films, one thing does seem pretty clear: They are all very dangerous and very attractive.

Watch below, but make sure not to stare too long or something might explode:

And just in case you forgot who played the mutants.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC
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