In 2013, two men were convicted of plotting to rob and kill singer Joss Stone. Now, their jail sentences are being reduced.

Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool were arrested near Stone’s house in 2011 after neighbors reported suspicious behavior. The police later found weapons — including a samurai sword and a chisel — in the pair’s car, along with notes messages such as “Once Jocelyn’s dead … find a river to dump her in.”

Bradshaw and Liverpool were found guilty on charges of conspiracy to murder, to cause grievous bodily harm, and to rob. This added up to a life sentence with a minimum of over 10 years in prison (for Liverpool) and an 18-year sentence (for Bradshaw).

But in an appeal court hearing held in England Tuesday, Liverpool’s minimum term was reduced to six and a half years, while Bradshaw’s was reduced to 10 years. Because Liverpool already spent time in custody before the trial, he will be eligible to apply for parole in December 2017.

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