Henry Winkler
Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Look who’s in the bread line after pilot season!

Lots of exciting stars will join the broadcast TV lineup this fall (Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Tea Leoni, Ioan Gruffudd) but an equal amount were left jobless after the networks announced their schedules last week in New York. Here’s who (and what projects) we will miss now that the upfronts are over:

Anthony LaPaglia. Last seen: Without a Trace. Rejected fall pilot: Field of Play, a CBS drama about a retired CIA operative pulled back into action.

Jamie Lee Curtis. Last seen: New Girl. Rejected fall pilot: Soapy medical show centered around quadruplets – three brothers and a sister – who grew up on a reality show.

Greta Gerwig. Last heard: China, Il. Rejected fall pilot: How I Met Your Dad.

Alyson Hannigan. Last seen: How I Met Your Mother. Rejected fall pilot: More Time with Family, a family-com.

Kevin Hart. Last seen: Real Husbands of Hollywood. Rejected fall pilot: Eponymous comedy based on Hart’s life and stand-up.

Paget Brewster: Last seen: Criminal Minds. Rejected fall pilot: Saint Francis, about a blue-collar, no-nonsense, Long Island Cop and family man butts heads with the modern, liberal world when his 29-year-old sister gets pregnant out of wedlock.

Henry Winkler. Last seen: Parks and Rec. Rejected fall pilot: The Winklers, based on his family life.

Katie Holmes. Last seen: How I Met Your Mother. Rejected fall pilot: Dangerous Liaisons, about the love and rivalry between two equally-matched, powerful socialites who play out their obsessive attraction and seduction of each other through their manipulation of others.

Rob Lowe. Last seen: Parks and Rec. Rejected fall pilot: The Pro, about a former doubles champion who is reunited with his ex-partner after a public feud that left them both floundering in life.

Mary-Louise Parker. Last seen: Weeds. Rejected fall pilot: Feed Me, an exploration of adult intimacy and desire that centers on a dysfunctional family bound by love and the restaurant they run together.

Amy Sedaris. Last seen: Downy commercials. Rejected fall pilot: Dead Boss, a comedic mystery that finds overachiever Helen Stephens wrongfully convicted of murdering her boss and forced to rely on her train wreck of a sister to prove her innocence.

Lots of other actors got a thumbs-down before last week’s upfronts. For a complete list of the pilots, click here.