GoT Sansa

It happened again. HBO’s Game of Thrones has tied its all-time high in the ratings Sunday night.

How big this time? Thrones struck 7.2 million viewers at 9 p.m. (which happened once before two weeks ago) and 8.5 million viewers for the night including repeats (which is slightly under its best-ever). HBO’s press release actually touts a new series high as it takes the unusual step of taking the math another notch past the decimal point. EW’s recap of Sunday’s episode “Mockingbird” is here.

Thrones will take next weekend off for its annual Memorial Day break, which tends to usually result in lower ratings for the following Sunday. Yet, this year Thrones has three episodes to come and each are rather huge in terms of action and dramatic turns. Even though Thrones has now set or tied records four times this season, it’s a fair bet that at least one of the remaining episodes could set another record despite the holiday break and overall TV viewership ebbing as summer gets underway.

Also on HBO’s Sunday night: Silicon Valley had 1.7 million viewers and 2 million for the night. Veep hit another season high, breaking the million mark with 1.1 million viewers and 1.5 million for the night. John Oliver’s late-night show had 1 million viewers and 1.3 million for the night. Thrones is its own phenomenon, but you would think HBO’s comedies would retain at least a little better — if a broadcast show dropped off 76 percent it would likely get axed.