Your favorite crime thriller is behind bars until fall, your go-to medical drama is taking a summer respite; fill in the pop culture gaps in your life with these stellar substitutes — all bingeable online


Like This? The Big Bang Theory CBS
Try This! The League FXX; Seasons 1-4 Available on Netflix
The fantasy-football-loving gents (and lady) of The League are just as quirky as the nerdy pals on the CBS hit — with a ramped-up raunch factor of about a gazillion. (Bonus points if you understand both scientific jargon and football lingo.)

Like This? Grey’s Anatomy ABC
Try This! Call the Midwife PBS; Seasons 1-2 Available on Netflix
Medical melodrama is nothing new. Proof: this addictive postwar period piece about a group of midwives (and their absorbing personal lives) in London in the late 1950s. Pick Midwife, choose Midwife, love Midwife.

Like This? The Blacklist NBC
Try This! The Fall BBC TWO; Seasons 1 Available on Netflix
Love killer cat-and-mouse dramas? Don’t let your murderous side get off easy while The Blacklist takes a break — watch this series starring Gillian Anderson as an investigator tracking a homicidal (albeit handsome) maniac played by Jamie Dornan.

Like This? Modern Family ABC
Try This! Bob’s Burgers FOX; Seasons 1-3 Available on Netflix
Need a dysfunctional family to focus on instead of your own? The animated Belchers — who run and live above a pun-loving burger restaurant — offer up the best intrafamily banter since the Dunphy-Pritchetts.

Like This? The Good Wife CBS
Try This! Drop Dead Diva LIFETIME; Seasons 1-5 Available on Netflix
Shake off this season’s roller coaster of legal emotions at Lockhart/Gardner with a decidedly lighter courtroom drama about a dead fashion model whose soul inhabits a plus-size lawyer. (At least her love interest stays alive…)

Like This? Parenthood NBC
Try This! Switched at Birth ABC FAMILY; Seasons 1-3 Available on Netflix
Keep the tissues close! Fill the void of the Bravermans on NBC’s sobfest with the double-whammy household drama of the Kennishes and Vasquezes, the heart of ABC Family’s equally touching (and titularly self-explanatory) series.