After Thursday night’s Vampire Diaries finale, we knew Enzo was back from the dead, but will he be sticking around Mystic Falls? The short answer of it all is: Yes!

Julie Plec revealed that not only will Enzo be returning as his vampire bad-boy self, but Michael Malarkey will officially be a Vampire Diaries series regular in season 6. “We have not seen the last of the delicious Michael Malarkey,” Plec said. “He’s a wonderful addition to the team, and he will be officially a series regular next year.”

But with Matt Davis (Alaric) also back as a series regular, can fans expect to see some interaction between Damon’s old friend and his, well, older friend? “I think so,” Plec said. “I anticipate them not liking each other very much.”

However, down the line, Plec likes to imagine a world where those two drinking buddies get their own gig. “I sorta feel like in season 9, if it’s Enzo and Alaric, we just spin them off into their own show,” she said. “I think life would be pretty good.” As long as there’s a bar in town, we’d imagine it would be.

Stay tuned for our full postmortem interview with Plec. Yes, she talks about Damon. UPDATE: The postmortem is live.

–Reporting by Mandi Bierly

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