Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

We know Melissa McCarthy as the always-hilarious actress who knows exactly how to make us laugh in hits like Bridesmaids and The Heat — but we might have never seen her on the big screen if it weren’t for gay men.

“They accepted me as a woman trying to be a man who’s trying to be a man,” McCarthy told The Advocate, talking about starting out her career doing stand-up in New York. “I wanted to be a drag queen so badly.”

McCarthy may not be a drag queen, but she is an Oscar-nominated actress starring in upcoming comedy Tammy with Susan Sarandon, Sandra Oh, and Kathy Bates. She sat down with The Advocate to reveal which leading lady is a great kisser, if she’s ever dated a gay man, and who she’s crushing on these days. Read the highlights below:

On dating gay men: “There were so many. In my early 20s I was like the last stop before a guy said, ‘Yep, it’s official: I’m gay.'”

On working with Susan Sarandon: “She is one of the coolest women I’ve ever met, by a landslide. She’s so interesting, so intelligent, and such a great humanitarian … She’s a good kisser, by the way.”

On the chemistry between Sandra Oh and Kathy Bates, who play a couple in Tammy: “Sandra and Kathy had known each other from before, so they had this fantastic ease together. I totally bought them as a dreamy couple. They just looked so in love, like they’d been together forever. They didn’t even need to speak; Kathy would give Sandra these looks and I’d think, Aww, that’s the good stuff. They were magical together.”

On her inspiration for her Bridesmaid character, Megan: “I love a woman who’s solid in her shoes. Megan was partially based on two girlfriends of mine, a couple at Southern Illinois University. They were so at ease with each other and with everything: ‘We’re together, we’re great, what’s all the fuss about?’ I’ve always been attracted to that confidence, so that’s what I channeled for Megan.”

On her sexual identity: “Growing up with so many gay friends, I was always in the minority as a straight girl, so there was definitely a time when I was like ‘Boy, everywhere we go, I’m not meeting any fun guys … Am I looking in the wrong place?’ But then I met Ben [Falcone, her husband] and [sighs] I liked him. It’s all just part of growing up and finding yourself.”

On her current crush: “The more I watch Girls the more I realize I’m crazy about Lena Dunham. She’s my girl crush. She’s smart, funny, confident, and she isn’t afraid to look awkward. She’s exactly who she is, take it or leave it. Nothing’s more charming than someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously.”

Tammy hits theaters July 2. Check out the full interview with McCarthy over at The Advocate.