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Trent Reznor is currently on the road in Europe promoting Nine Inch Nails’ latest album Hesitation Marks, and he’ll be spending the bulk of his summer crossing North America with fellow ’94 survivors Soundgarden. But in between those gigs, he’s going to be wrapping up his biggest project of the year: the score for David Fincher’s Gone Girl, which hits theaters this fall.

“I’ve been working on it pretty much all this year on and off during the gaps, and we’ve got a good portion of the composition in good shape,” Reznor said while on break during a tour stop in Finland. “I’ve seen the film a number of times, and we’re deep into the integration part of it. I would hope by the time we leave for Soundgarden that it’s smooth sailing. And if it isn’t, there will be a studio set up in every hotel room until it is.”

This is the third film that Reznor and partner Atticus Ross have worked on for Fincher. Their first collaboration was the Oscar-winning soundscape he put together for The Social Network, and the same team also produced The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Though this is the third time around for everybody, the process has stayed more or less the same.

“Not really knowing what I’m doing in the world of scoring films, the best decision Atticus and I made starting with The Social Network was really just to listen and really try to understand what David is thinking,” he said. “It’s clear he has a pretty realized vision in his head, and he’s thought a lot about whatever project he is working on, and I’ve always felt like our role is in service to that. How do we translate the role that he thinks music should be, and the tones and textures and spaces it’s allowed to take up, and then make it better than that? So step one in all the projects we’ve done with him is just to sit and let him talk about it and listen before any music is written or before any palette of sounds is chosen. That’s been the right strategy so far.”

Gone Girl is one of the more hotly anticipated films of the year, and Reznor has had the pleasure of experiencing it multiple times already. He’s been relishing the experience. “This film has been really fun to work on. It’s been an interesting challenge with some different parameters, and it keeps us on our toes. That’s what makes it good,” he said. “It’s a much darker film than I was expecting. The book is not exactly uplifting or happy, but it’s a nasty film.” As the guy who made this video, Reznor is no stranger to nastiness. “It hasn’t been completely foreign to work on,” he said.

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