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Actors and soundtrack artists from upcoming summer flick The Fault in Our Stars took over the YouTube Space in L.A. on Wednesday for a special concert and Q&A livestream event. EW was on the scene for the live broadcast and caught up with Ansel Elgort, author John Green, singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran, and more to get the scoop on the film and its music. Check out what they had to say below:

The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack is well-stacked with up-and-coming indie artists, but there was one musician in particular that author John Green was pleasantly surprised to see included.

“I didn’t think Ed Sheeran would write a song for this movie, but I’m so psyched that he did,” Green told EW. “I actually didn’t hear the song until I saw the music video along with everyone else on the day it came out, and I was just like, ‘this is beautiful– his voice is so beautiful and the way it breaks in little ways is just so gorgeous’. On top of that, the songwriting is just fantastic.”

Sheeran spoke to EW about what inspired that very song. “It’s weird because there is a point in the movie that inspired it, but I also tried to pair it with my own experience with these sort of things. It’s kind of like if I’m in England and you’re here in America and we both look up at the stars, it’s technically the same sky we’re looking at,” he said.

Another group that wrote a new song specifically for the film was indie pop band, Grouplove. Unlike Sheeran, however, the group explains that they wrote the song to picture. “They gave us the exact scene they wanted to use it in and that inspired the song,” said vocalist Hannah Hooper. “Our song is about young love and kind of feeling a rush in time because of this special situation. We were asked to write a happier song, but there was just so much sadness in the story and that really inspired us.”

British pop singer Charli XCX lends her uptempo track, “Boom Clap”, to the film’s soundtrack and despite the fact that she didn’t write it specifically for the film, the singer said she thinks it fits the story surprisingly well.”I’ve seen the film, and I’ve seen the scene where they played my song in it and I cried and it was very emotional. I like it. I love the whole film.”

For star Nat Wolff (Isaac), the song on the soundtrack that resonates most with him is M83’s “Wait,” a track the actor says he suggested for the film. “I said to Josh [Boone] one day that I thought “Wait” by M83 should be on the soundtrack. They’re an amazing band. Something about that song resonated with me for the story,” explained Wolff. “Josh didn’t say anything to me, but then I saw it in the movie, so I guess I must have had some kind of hand in that.”

Later on in the evening when we caught up with star Ansel Elgort (Agustus) over a game of Pac-Man backstage at YouTube Space L.A., the actor revealed that like his co-star, M83’s track is his favorite as well. “It’s very appropriate in the movie, and it always hits me,” Elgort told EW. “It’s the one I remember most. And it also comes at a very good point in the movie when the Amsterdam trip is done and Gus is about to tell Hazel some very important news.”

The Fault in Our Stars hits theaters June 6 and the soundtrack is available for purchase starting May 19.

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