Barbara Walters
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Barbara Walters and David Letterman are pretty good at what they do. You might even call them icons in their respective fields. (You most definitely should, actually.)

So it’s no real surprise that when this pair of retiring television legends sat down for an interview on Late Show on Wednesday, they both admitted they’re having a hard time accepting that their jobs are coming to an end.

You’re retiring,” Walters said. “I do not want you to retire.”

“I don’t want to retire now either,” Letterman responded to applause. “I’ve changed my mind.” But, he conceded, “that ship has sailed.” The network’s already planning on repainting, after all.

Walters admitted that she feels the same way: “I said yes, I wanted to go; I’m not ready. Let’s walk into the sunset together,” she suggested, and they shook on it.

But Letterman hesitated: “Wait a minute — I think we just made a suicide pact.”

“You first!” Walters laughed.

Watch the full clip below:

Walters’ final day on The View is Friday. Letterman will step down as host of Late Show in 2015.

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