By Clark Collis
May 14, 2014 at 08:19 PM EDT
Illustration by Alex Pardee
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When Entertainment Weekly first spoke to actor Greg Sestero back in 2008 the cult which surrounded his film The Room was still a small, mostly Los Angeles-based affair. Six years on, director-writer-star Tommy Wiseau’s fantastically awful film has become famous around the world and Sestero’s recent memoir The Disaster Artist — which concerns both the film’s production and his friendship with Wiseau — has been optioned by James Franco.

Don’t want to read a book about the making of a terrible film? Then maybe you’d like to hear about it instead. The audiobook version of The Disaster Artist, which is read by Sestero himself, is released May 19. But you can exclusively hear Greg relate the tale behind the film’s infamous “Flower Shop” scene below.

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