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Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the season finale of Arrow, stop reading now!

My heart can’t take it. And those of you who watch this show with me every week know exactly what I’m about to say: That Olicity scene was faked?! I literally feel like I’ve just been broken up with. And yes, that does make me re-evaluate my life a little bit. But the good news is that this finale was so much more than that one scene. It was action-packed, it provided closure, and it gave us a lot to look forward to. Let’s save this city for one last time in season 2, shall we?

We picked up at the clock tower, where Team Arrow was waiting for Roy to wake up when Slade’s goons arrived to kill everyone. Just in time, Roy woke up — the cure worked! — and the team escaped before a helicopter showed up and blew up the tower. And who was the person behind that? Lyla, of course! Diggle’s woman was all business.

At Arrow headquarters, Sara showed up with Nyssa and an army of assassins. Too bad assassins were the last thing Ollie wanted. They filled injection arrows with the cure, and Ollie put out a strict no-kill policy. Sara convinced him to fight with Nyssa, and assured him there wouldn’t be a cost. Well, there would be, but Sara had already paid it: She’d agreed to go back to the League.

But before they set out to find Slade at Queen Consolidated, Ollie had a present for Roy: A red mask all his own. And that’s when Roy called to check on Thea.

Speaking of the youngest Queen, it turned out that she had shot Malcolm. Only he was wearing a vest, and for some reason, decided the fact that she pulled the trigger made him like her more. He told her that Tommy had pointed a gun at him a year earlier, only he lacked the conviction to pull the trigger. But Thea was made of iron, which meant she was truly his daughter. Talk about twisted, right? Needless to say she practically ran to Roy’s place when she got his call.

Once there, Roy apologized for everything he’d done and promised Thea he didn’t know anything about the Arrow — lies! — before agreeing to leave town with her. But first, he had to do one last thing. “When I get back, we’re getting out of here forever. I love you,” he told her. And for a minute, I was really afraid those would be his last words. What can I say? Finales make me very paranoid.

At Queen Consolidated, Arrow’s army was curing soldiers left and right. Slade, however, managed to jump out a window before being cured — was his mask red and black or was that the lighting? But poor Isabel was caught by Nyssa and Sara. Ollie tried to keep them from killing her, but Isabel clearly hadn’t learned when to shut up. Nyssa snapped her neck.

With a drone heading for the city, Ollie had a bigger problem: Slade had taken Laurel. In that moment, Quentin tried to convince the Arrow to kill again, but Felicity wouldn’t let that happen. She simply informed Ollie he had to make Slade out-think him. And that’s where the plan was hatched.

Before I knew it, Ollie was dropping Felicity off at the Queen mansion and telling her to stay there until it was all over. He needed her to be safe. As he put it, “Slade took Laurel because he wants to kill the woman I love … so he took the wrong woman … I love you. Do you understand?” I thought the “Do you understand?” part was weird, but I didn’t care. This was where I screamed so loudly that I would not be surprised if I got a note from my landlord tomorrow. I totally bought into it, and I went on and on about how I wasn’t sure if the show would ever go there and how happy I was. Spoiler: It was all faked. It was nothing more than part of the plan.

Remember back when Slade planted cameras in Ollie’s home? Well, Ollie knew about them. So he used that to his advantage. When he asked Felicity if she understood, he placed a needle filled with the cure in her hand. So when Slade later kidnapped Felicity, she was able to inject him herself. So as mad as I am that the moment was faked, at least Felicity got in on the action!

But don’t let me forget to mention the amazing fight scene in the tunnel. Slade’s men were attempting to get out of town before the drone strike, and they took out Amanda’s entire army to do so. Only they had another army to worry about: Arrow’s army. And Team Arrow would come out on top!

Meanwhile, Diggle, Lyla, and Deadshot had Amanda Waller at gunpoint. They told her to stop the drone strike. Her rebuttal? Diggle is going to be a father. Lyla is pregnant!

And in epic fight scene number two, we got a glimpse at the Slade-Ollie showdown from years earlier on the freighter. After the missile hit the boat, it started to sink, which was the second time Ollie lost Sara as once again, she was sucked out to sea. And with the cure in one hand and an arrow in another, Ollie decided to kill Slade by sticking the arrow through his eye. For some reason, I always assumed the arrow had been shot through his eye, and this just seemed extra gruesome.

That fight was intercut with Ollie and Slade’s present-day showdown, which was just as impressive. Ollie came out on top when he used his arrows to tie Slade to a pole, after which he got Amanda to call of the drones. And suddenly, Arrow had saved the city.

In the Slade aftermath, Roy returned home to find a letter from Thea. She said she could no longer be Thea Queen, and she also couldn’t trust him — or anyone — anymore. The old Thea Queen was weak, and she was going to be strong. And as she got in a limo with Merlyn, her voice-over said she was never coming back.

Keeping with the theme of goodbyes, Sara was headed back to the League. She was deciding her own fate for the first time in her life. She told Laurel that Oliver needed her and then handed over her leather jacket. It fit. Passing the Canary duties, are we? Well, Quentin didn’t want Laurel to get any ideas. But that was before he collapsed. He’d suffered some sort of blunt force trauma during a fight with a Mirakuru soldier, and now he was coughing up blood. Laurel called for an ambulance, but it doesn’t look good.

As for Ollie, he was saying goodbye to Slade, who was in an A.R.G.U.S. prison. More specifically, he was in purgatory, underground and back on the island. Ollie thanked Slade for helping him become a hero. And then he left Slade behind as Slade yelled about keeping promises and whatnot.

Walking on the beach, Ollie, Felicity, and Diggle made a plan: First, Ollie needed to get his company back, which meant he’d need to get a job. Sadly, no one knew of anyone hiring “ex-billionaires with superior archery skills.” Diggle then gave the two of them a moment.

Felicity reminisced about Ollie’s great plan to fight the unthinkable by doing the unthinkable. That of course meant that the two of them being together had been “unthinkable.” But she told him that he’d had her fooled when he said he loved her. She thought maybe he might’ve meant it. He really sold it. And with a grin on his face that, to me, means he loves her, he responded, “We both did.” OK, I love this show for still giving me that moment, but surely if nothing was there, Ollie would shut it down, right? Because CLEARLY there’s something there for her.

Regardless, Ollie got ready to fly them all home when Felicity asked where he learned to fly. Well, it wasn’t on the island. Suddenly we jumped back to Ollie waking up for what I assumed was the first time since fighting Slade. Once awake, he was escorted outside to be introduced to Amanda Waller. He was in Hong Kong. Alright comic book-lovers, go!

And now everyone: What did you think of the finale? What’s next for Thea? Is Quentin dead? And what a season, right?


“Better than here with my psycho villain dad who’s happy I tried to kill him.” -Thea on leaving Merlyn to head into the city

“We have a new big problem, which considering our other problems, is really saying something.” -Felicity

Nyssa: I am Nyssa, daughter of Ra’s al Ghul. Heir to the Demon

Felicity: Felicity Smoke. M.I.T. Class of 09.

“To fight the unthinkable, you have to be willing to do the unthinkable.” -Sara to Ollie

Nyssa: I will die before I let anything happen to your daughter.

Quentin: Well here’s hoping.

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