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NBC’s hit singing competition is well known by now for shaking up the rules to keep things fresh, and this season The Voice did just that by introducing the Twitter save feature, a concept that allows fans to get involved and decide the fate of which artist in the bottom three gets to go on to sing another week. With season 6 coming to a close next week, EW caught up with show host and executive producer Carson Daly to find out how he thinks the new feature fared overall during its inaugural season.

“I love the Twitter Save, but there’s definitely been some backlash. I see it online — maybe more because I’m from L.A., and the West Coast still doesn’t have a clear grip on how they can participate,” Daly said of the Twitter Save hate. “But from a television standpoint and where we believe the world is headed with the convergence of social media and traditional TV, get ready, because it’s all headed this way. Technology is making it possible for this to be able to be decided on live TV using technology. It’s just gonna happen, and with that, there are going to be people who are upset about it, but the truth is, we think it’s exciting and cool to be able to turn the reins over to our viewers.”

We also caught up with a few of this week’s contestants after the semifinals, including Kat Perkins, who strayed from her rocker-chick roots this week to tackle Sia’s “Chandelier,” as assigned by Coach Adam Levine. “I was so excited about getting to do a pop song this week,” Perkins said. “Even though it wasn’t full-on rock, we took it as far as we could with getting the band out there and adding the guitars, but the vocals really didn’t need much because it’s already kind of a rock-opera type song.” As for whether she’s feeling any finale jitters, the former nanny said she’s surprisingly calm. “This week’s a little different. I don’t feel the pressure. I’m just trying to have fun and put it all out there, because if I wasn’t having fun, I wouldn’t want to be here.”

Josh Kaufman may be the last man standing on Team Usher, but like Perkins, the soul singer said he’s feeling relaxed going into tonight’s live eliminations. “It’s always a relief to get through the performance, and I felt good about the way mine went this week, so really, I’m just ready to see what happens next,” Kaufman said. As for whether he’s given any thought to what he may perform if he makes it to the finale, the singer said he tries to take each week as it comes. “I try to keep a balance of being in the moment and focusing on the now, but I’m also always looking at that ultimate goal. Honestly, I’ve considered some things, but I haven’t pinned down what I’ll be doing if I’m lucky enough to make it through to next week.”

Finally, we spoke to Team Adam’s Christina Grimmie, whose colorful performance of Fun.’s “Some Nights” earned her some praise from Usher. “I love that comment Usher made about how this might be a glimpse of what my show would be like, because that’s very true, but if you were to have asked me a couple of years ago, I probably would have said no, because I didn’t used to like all that stuff,” Grimmie said. “But I’ve grown so much as a person and as an artist over the years that now I can definitely say with certainty that, yes, what you saw this week is definitely the kind of show I would put on.” As for what kind of artist she imagines herself being after The Voice, Grimmie said that, while she has been pinned as the pop star of the season, she would love to introduce an electronic or dubstep vibe into her own album. “I love messing around with dubstep. I just think that’s really fun. I sit on my computer and make synths — it’s just something I love to dabble with, and my core fans know I’m into that, so I think if something like that were to pop up on my own record, they wouldn’t be surprised. I also think people would really dig it.”

Tune in to The Voice tonight at 8 p.m. ET on NBC to see which artists will be competing in next week’s finale.

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