By James Hibberd
Updated May 13, 2014 at 06:05 PM EDT

The co-anchor of an ABC affiliate news program in South Dakota ripped into viewers complaining about storm coverage that interrupted Sunday’s two-hour Once Upon a Time finale.

KSFY Sioux Falls meteorologist Shawn Cable apparently drew fan outrage after breaking into the fantasy hit to let viewers know that a real non-Oz tornado was on the way — a warning that one viewer credited with giving her granddaughter a much-needed heads-up. Co-anchor Nancy Naeve blasted fan complaints the next day, a station representative confirmed to EW, video below.

“Quit calling and ripping Shawn for being on the air to save people’s lives,” Naeve said. “No show is as important as someone’s life … and people just berated our station for him being on the air. But I tell you what, if it was your home, and your neighbors, you would feel differently. So please don’t do that, that’s not nice … we get it, we get it, we love your show … but we love that Shawn was saving lives, literally … it’s why we do it, please don’t call and complain. It’s not nice. It really gets me mad.”

“I felt bad for having to interrupt folk’s TV show, but I tell you what, I’m glad I did,” Cable added.