Credit: Matt Petit/ABC via Getty Images

Soulja Boy might not be the first artist to come out with his own app, but he is one of the only ones who can boast about having an official set of emojis created in his likeness — something the rapper is definitely very proud of.

“When they came to me and told me they wanted to do the emojis, I said it was a good idea, because ain’t nobody did that before me,” Soulja Boy told EW after performing for What’s Trending at L.A.’s YouTube Space (check out his appearance in the video below). “The only thing they did was add recognizable features so people would know it’s me — so you can see the Gucci tattoo on my forehead, the smoke coming out of my mouth, stuff like that.”

Soulja tweeted his customized emoji:

Apps aside, Soulja is currently riding high on the success of “Yasss Bish,” the new Nicki Minaj track he produced and raps on the hook. “I was in my studio and I made the beat for ‘Yasss Bish,’ [but] I had no hook for it until I was doing the Vine, and then I just thought of the hook, so that’s all there was,” he explained. “Then I took it to Nicki to her studio and she loved it — she heard the record and she texted me the next day, and that was it.”

After Minaj jumped on the track, it took about a day for Soulja to turn the record around and get it mixed just right.

As for what’s next for the 23-year-old rapper, he’s currently keeping busy in the studio working on upcoming tracks for Puff Daddy and Lil Wayne. Expect to see the rapper hitting the road later this year to promote his own album, Super Dope, which dropped last month.

Check out Soulja Boy’s appearance and performance on What’s Trending below: