What do Russell Crowe and Ricky Gervais have in common? An affinity for alcohol and Twitter — preferably at the same time.

Recently, Crowe and Gervais had a few drinks together. As any child of Instagram/Twitter knows, that can only lead to one thing: Drunken photos. Only when these guys post them, millions of people are watching — and their future job prospects don’t plummet. Sorry, kids.

Most of their conversation is below, minus a few deleted tweets from Gervais, which you can see on Buzzfeed.

[Insert deleted photo from Gervais talking about how they should play brothers in a weird movie one day]

[Insert Gervais calling Crowe a c–t]

And in perhaps my favorite moment, this random stranger chimes in:

And the aftermath (which doesn’t look all that different from the start of the night):