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May 12, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

WARNING: This post contains spoilers about Castle‘s season finale. If you haven’t watched, proceed with caution.

We always knew that Beckett and Castle’s road to getting hitched would have, well, a few hitches. A last-minute quickie divorce from a past flame. Venue drama. Maybe some dress drama. But we didn’t expect what actually happened in the final minutes of season 6. (Warning No. 2: Oddly, there’s a Downton Abbey spoiler below, too…)

In sum: There was a wedding. But Castle never got to see it.

In the final minutes of the episode — which was largely an hour filled with humor, a little chaos, and sweet anticipation — Castle was on his way to the venue when he noticed a black SUV in his rear-view mirror, and it quickly became clear that the vehicle was not simply a celebrity vacationer. (On a show like this, that’s never the case.)

As much of a red flag as this was, my stomach actually dropped about a minute before this, when Castle was having a sweet cell phone conversation with Kate as he drove down a scenic road. He’d just gotten their marriage license from a judge, after clearing up her botched divorce situation. She answered her phone and called him “lover.” He finished their call by saying “…and Kate, I love you.” I believe my exact words were, “Don’t you dare Matthew Crawley him” — but with more profanity.

My worst fears would have been confirmed by the fiery Mercedes that closed out the hour, but as he is the titular Castle, I fear not for the life of our plucky writer. But I do fear a lot of other things — like the people in that black SUV. Where have they taken him? They did take him, right? He wasn’t ejected from the car — was he?

Thanks for the anxiety, show. See you in September.

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