By Hillary Busis
Updated May 11, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Question one: Is Revenge back?

Question two: Are we destined to ask this same question at the end of every Revenge finale — at least, every finale that follows season 1?

The answers to both remain to be seen — but at least the show will live to answer them at all when it returns next fall. In the meantime, I’m not super interested in debating whether Revenge has managed to retain the luster it lost in season 2; I think we can all agree that latter-day ‘Venge will never quite measure up to the series’ delightfully soapy heyday, even if this year managed to dial back some of last year’s dead weight (ugh, the Initiative). So instead of nitpicking details, let’s get right to the issues we’ll be hotly debating until Emily and co. make their (possibly) glorious return in a few months:

– First and foremost: Is Conrad really dead? I was all set to say “yes, of course; he’s bleeding out on a desolate mountain road, what else could he be?”… until I remembered the Great Victoria Fakeout of 2012.

– Actually, scratch that. First and foremost, for real: DAVID CLARKE IS ALIVE?!?! How?! Why? How?!?! I guess Conrad did prove it’s eminently easy to escape from a maximum security prison…

– So does this utterly negate everything Emily’s tried to achieve over the past three years — or does it just add another irresistible wrinkle to the insane tapestry that is Revenge?

– Do we really believe that Pascal’s death would be enough to drive careful Victoria to cold-blooded murder? Girlfriend’s had, like, four “true loves” ripped away from her over the course of this series; I’m finding it a little tough to swallow the fact that this is the death that set her over the edge.

– And on a related note: How sorry are you to see Aiden go for real? On one hand, I do believe he and Emily were a great match, and her feelings for him were clearly genuine; on the other hand, his very presence always reminded me of the doldrums of season 2, when all that dumb conspiracy stuff was mucking up Emily’s very important revenge-da. (Like “agenda.” No? Okay, we can pretend that never happened.)

– How is Gideon, Margaux’s Game of Thrones-haired brother, going to throw a wrench into the show’s proceedings? How much do you care?

– Is anyone else disappointed that Charlotte lives to see another season?

– Who flipped out when Perd Hapley, a.k.a. actor Jay Jackson, appeared onscreen as a Hamptons-area newscaster? If you did, check EW tomorrow morning; I’ve got an interview that might interest you.

– Who’s in a bigger pickle: Jack (hauled in for questioning over Charlotte’s kidnapping) or Daniel (photographed in bed with a dead coke fiend)? This very question indicates that Revenge may truly be back after all.

– And finally: Does Victoria deserve to die, as Nolan declares near the end of the episode? Or is being wrongfully imprisoned in an insane asylum punishment enough? (Though you’ve got to guess that as season 4 rolls along, she won’t be stuck in there long — right?)

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Welcome to the Hamptons, a glittering world of incredible wealth and privilege, where smiles hide secrets—and nothing is colder than revenge.
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