By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated May 11, 2014 at 04:00 PM EDT

As season finale season kicks into high gear, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY reached out to some of your favorite shows for some unconventional teases. Check out the latest installment of our Season Finale Survey below:

Show name/our names, title: Once Upon a Time/Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz/Executive Producers, Creators

Airdate: 5/11/14

Finale Title: “There’s No Place Like Home”

Number of deaths: Depends on how you define death… does the obliteration of a soul count?

One-word tease, presented in any language other than English: Shalom

Song I jammed to while writing the episode: “The Song Remains the Same” — Led Zeppelin (live version)

Synopsis in 140 characters or less (yes, a Twitter tease): You can’t tease time travel as long as we have without actually doing it. So yeah, we’re going back: to fix the past and find the future

Script tease (a line of dialogue from the episode): Emma: “Sorry, but the only one who saves me is me.”

Location of the show’s most expensive scene: A troll bridge.

Over-used finale descriptor that I honestly think applies to this episode: Epic.

Watch it live! In fact, if you get our show to trend on Twitter during the finale on either coast, I will… (Choose one or write in your own option E.)

A. Tease next season on Twitter after the West Coast airing.

B. Choose a Twitter follower at random to name a character after them next season.

C. Post a snippet of dialogue that ended up on the cutting-room floor.

D. Follow 25 fans on Twitter.

E. We’ll tweet the dialogue from an entire deleted scene.

Serious question: You are masters of the cliffhanger. How would you rank the ones (yes, we know there will be several!) in this finale against the others? And how are they different than ones you’ve done in the past? If previous finale cliffhangers were premise re-sets of the show, this is an emotional re-set that is hopefully as earth shaking as anything we’ve done before or more. And oh yeah, there’s something else… but where’s the fun in spoiling that?

Optional: Draw a scene from the finale (or of you REALLY don’t want to, send a picture).

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

The Once Upon a Time finale airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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