When Angelina Jolie unleashes her fury in Disney's ''Maleficent'' on May 30, she has some seriously sinister shoes to fill

By Keith Staskiewicz
May 09, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

Animated movies have always provided Hollywood with its most notably nasty villains. So while we’re excited to see Angelina bring flesh and bone to Sleeping Beauty‘s queen of mean, we’ll forever have a soft spot for cartoon crazies who are all kinds of bad — and, unlike Jessica Rabbit, it’s not just because they were drawn that way.

Cruella De Vil Sure, one must suffer for fashion, but the despicable doyenne of 101 Dalmatians prefers to let others do it for her. She was never going to be an ASPCA fave, but her puppy-killing ways make her one of Disney’s most evil baddies.

Scar Slinky and sneaky, with Jeremy Irons’ voice seeping out of his mouth like dark honey, The Lion King‘s Scar is a villain of the old-fashioned mold: power-hungry, ruthless, and willing to kill on a whim. So I guess what we’re saying is that he’s pretty much like any other cat.

Sid It’s a truth universally unacknowledged that kids can be awful. For Toy Story, Pixar found its monster in a 10-year-old who treats his toy box like Frankenstein’s lab. Luckily, the junior sociopath gets scared straight when he finds out the objects of his sadism can talk and fight back.

Man Ah, humanity. We may be the heroes of our own story, but that doesn’t mean we’re not villains in others. In Bambi, not only does a hunter commit the unforgivable sin of killing Bambi’s ma, but humans also start the fire that burns down the whole forest. We’re kind of the worst, aren’t we?

The Beldam The grotesque witch of Coraline isn’t just scary because of her arachnid appearance, but also because of the tantalizing web she weaves, luring children by giving them everything they could possibly want before sucking out their souls. Which sounds a lot like Chuck E. Cheese’s.