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Star Trek: The Original Series

Clearly anxious of falling behind in the hyper-specific Cold War brewing between Abrams-Rebooted Star Franchises, Paramount is moving closer to go-aheading the Star Trek Into Darkness sequel. There’s no title, but everyone’s calling it Star Trek 3, even though technically it’s Star Trek 13, so for now let’s just agree to call it Star Tr3k: Beyond Into Darkness. Previous franchise steersman J.J. Abrams is busy hanging out with Harrison Ford on comfy couches, but according to Mike Fleming at Deadline, Paramount is closing in on a replacement director: Roberto Orci, who co-wrote the first two Star Trek reboots with Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof.

As Deadline points out, this would be Orci’s first directing job. But alongside Kurtzman, he’s been at the center of Hollywood’s recent vogue for big-spectacle geek-friendly explosion sagas: Along with Star Trek, they worked on the first couple Transformerses and are key collaborators in the rapidly expanding Amazing Spider-Man megafranchise. (They also co-created Fringe, Sleepy Hollow, and Hawaii Five-O, one of those things rather decisively not like the others.)

If Paramount does go with Orci, expect controversy to boil up from the Trek die-hards. Orci became a key figure in the High Nerd rage fight that broke out over Into Darkness, when he responded via comment boards to a blog post critical of the movie. Orci angrily clarified that a scene where Khan’s Wolverine blood brings a dead Tribble back to life was intended as a social critique of universal healthcare, or something.

The point is, thanks to the elaborate chronal architecture at the core of the rebooted Star Treks, Orci could just send Spock back in time and re-reboot the franchise into a newer new direction. New working title: Star Treks of Future Past.

Star Trek: The Original Series
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