The Mad Men would be nothing without the women who keep them organized — so we've organized them!

By Marc Snetiker
Updated May 09, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

1. Dawn, Teyonah Parris
Desk Office manager (formerly Don’s)
Special Skills Organization, loyalty, and a well-timed scolding of her boss led to a big promotion — both within the agency and in our bleeding hearts.
Best Moment That smile when she realizes she’s inherited Joan’s old digs.

2. Caroline, Beth Hall
Desk Roger’s
Special Skills Only Caroline knows the men of Sterling Cooper & Partners well enough to call them out and earn their respect. (A nonplunging neckline helps.)
Best Moment Becoming an amusing mess after the death of Roger’s mother.

3. Shirley, Sola Bamis
Desk Lou’s (formerly Peggy’s)
Special Skills Did you see that scene in the break room? Shirley needs her own ’70s spin-off, stat.
Best Moment Reclaiming her flowers (and her dignity!) from an angry Peggy.

4. Clara, Alexandra Ella
Desk Pete’s
Special Skills Clara’s made some mistakes, but she’s got a mastery of calendar planning and a cool handle on Pete’s volatile personality.
Best Moment Flirting with Roger on her first day and pissing off Pete in the process.

5. Meredith, Stephanie Drake
Desk Don’s (formerly reception)
Special Skills Not many. SC&P’s ditziest desk jockey is well-intentioned but woefully inept.
Best Moment Being on the receiving end of a model airplane after letting in a process server with divorce papers for Joan.

Honorable Mention
Ida, Randee Heller
Former Desk Don’s
Special Skills In a glumly dark season 4, Miss Blankenship’s incompetence made for some of the funniest bits in the whole series.
Best Moment Her death scene and subsequent corpse removal from the office via afghan.

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