Grey’s Anatomy fans have known for a while now that season 10 would be Sandra Oh’s last, but it wasn’t until last week’s episode that we realized how she was going to leave. Or at least, we thought we realized how she was going to leave.

After last night’s tear-filled interaction with Owen, I find myself doubting if she can really leave him. But more than anything, the promo for the finale terrifies me. The promo teases: “The goodbye you never expected,” which is either just talking generally about Cristina Yang leaving the show, or perhaps Cristina’s exit isn’t going to be what we expected.

Watch the promo below:

Now my question is: Would they kill Cristina? There’s a small part of me that’s scared that the entire Burke storyline was nothing but a red herring to throw us off and make us think we had it all figured out before tragedy strikes. After all, this hospital used to be called Seattle Grace-Mercy Death and is currently named after two dead surgeons who used to work there.

So I pose the question to you all:

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