Ed Sheeran knows his way around a heartbreaking love song, so it’s no surprise he’s got a track on the Fault in Our Stars soundtrack.

A video for Sheeran’s contribution, “All of the Stars,” was just released, and while it doesn’t show new footage of the film, some popular phrases from John Green’s novel, like “Okay? Okay,” make the cut, alongside other popular love sayings.

Accompanied by guitar and piano, Sheeran croons, “It’s just another night / and I’m staring at the moon / I saw a shooting star/and I thought of you.”

Sheeran’s video is the second to be released off the soundtrack, following Grouplove’s “Let Me In.” Warning: All of the fan art and pictures displayed throughout the number may make you want to redecorate your bedroom. Watch below:

The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack will be released May 19; the film, starring Shailene Woodley, will be in theaters June 6.