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May 09, 2014 at 03:49 PM EDT
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We know Barbara Walters as an intense broadcast journalist who knows how to ask tough questions. But in Vanity Fair‘s new profile of the View co-host, we learn that she’s not very into being on the other side of an interview; in fact, the magazine says that she even offered to write the story herself.

Still, VF did manage to get a few personal tidbits out of Walters, including why the View ladies don’t take pee breaks and the one time Walters broke during a interview.Check out a few highlights below:

Don’t ask her how she views herself

“Do I see myself as a feminist idol? No,” says Walters — whom pal Arianna Huffington nevertheless labels “the ultimate girlfriend.” “I don’t see myself as anything,” she continues. “I do not see myself as a trailblazer. I don’t think about that. I get up, and I do my day, and I do my work, and I see friends. But I don’t sit and think about how I see myself, or what my legacy is.”

View co-host Sherri Shepherd adores Walters. Like, really adores her

How much? This much: “I want to go home with Barbara, curl up under the covers with her, and watch old black-and-white movies.”

Walters is protective of her friends

Says VF: “Walters has helped Shepherd find schools and doctors for her son, who has special needs, and threw Shepherd’s bridal shower when she re-married in 2011, telling Shepherd’s fiancé, Lamar Sally, ‘If you hurt Sherri, I’m going to hurt you.’ Sally laughed, Shepherd recalls, but Walters just looked at him.”

Clint Eastwood made her blush

Walters tells the magazine “that she first and last time she ‘lost it’ in an interview was in 1982, becoming flustered when Clint Eastwood flirted with her on-camera. In fact, Walters jokingly suggested as the headline for this article, ‘I Could Have Been  Mrs. Clint Eastwood.'”

She’s an inspiration to… prostitutes?

Back when Walters was on the Today show, she had to get to work so early that “the prostitutes who congregated on the corner of Seventh Avenue and 57th Street would mistake her for one of their own, imagining she’d just left a client in a nearby hotel, and taking inspiration in the sight of her climbing into a limousine.” Cue “Pretty Woman.”

Why The View co-hosts don’t take bathroom breaks

Thank Walters’ strong bladder, which she describes as camel-like. Because Walters never goes at the studio, Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd feel the pressure to follow her lead. “If you ever see me fidgeting at the table,” Shepherd says, “it’s ’cause I have to go.” Ah, the glamour of daytime television.

Check out the full profile at Vanity Fair.

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