SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

Each week, host Jeff Probst will answer a few questions about the latest episode of ‘Survivor: Cagayan.’

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I’ve heard from Survivors in past seasons that were lucky enough to go on one of these types of rewards where they get to interact with local kids about what a memorable experience it was. And it was actually a similar type of reward in season 3 that inspired Ethan Zohn to begin all his incredible charity work in Africa. Tell me about how meaningful it is for you as a production to take a minute to give back to your host community in this way.

JEFF PROBST: It was definitely one of my favorite moments of this season. The truth is that we always endeavor to leave the community better than it was when we arrived. We are involved in lots of different types of support in every location. But when you can find a way to work it into the show it’s a win-win. It reminds the audience that the contestants do have a heart and they aren’t always cut throat and I don’t care who you are, seeing the faces of those kids – pretty beautiful. Woo was the star of the day! He really just took over and put on a show!

EW: This immunity challenge — in which the players had to count the number of six different items and then run back and try to remember how many there were of each — totally falls into the looks-so-easy-but-actually-isn’t department. It even seemed like you made them run in an indirect line through flags to give them more time to forget the correct answers. (You sneaky bastards!) Give me some insight as to how this played out on the scene.

PROBST: We saw Tony getting really frustrated and Tasha indeed was just off on her bamboo count by one for a really long time. It took forever. It was raining and it was windy so that added to the difficulty of counting the objects. You said it best, Dalton — those challenges always make me nervous because I am worried that they’ll get it too quickly. But they never do. I think a lot of it is pressure…and maybe a very clever challenge team that makes it look easier than it is. I did think Tasha was going to pull it out. She was so close for so long! I could see that she had every number correct except for one, she just didn’t know it!

EW: You and players like Kass and Woo all talked at Tribal Council about how if Tony indeed had two idols as he claimed that it was important to flush one of them out at this vote, but did it really even matter since Tony had two idols with two Tribals left to use them (assuming they are not allowed to be used after the final five)?

PROBST: Essentially, he already had/has a pass to the final four no matter what they do, right? Theoretically yes — if history is an indicator he should be able to play one when there are six players left and then another at five. But five doesn’t get you the money. Idols have power. And this season, there is mystery surrounding exactly what power the “special idol” has, so that complicates it more. I think they absolutely should flush one out because it eliminates a weapon. If you leave him with two, who knows what he will do with it.

EW: Wow, is next week really the penultimate episode already? Tease us up, Probst!

PROBST: What else can I tease? We have a handful of players each with a shot to win it. Immunity will be ESSENTIAL. Who you leave in the game is as important as who you put on the jury. This is it. The game will be won or lost in these next two weeks!

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SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

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