By Jeff Labrecque
Updated May 08, 2014 at 01:24 PM EDT

In his latest VOD spectacular, Nicolas Cage plays a man with a particular set of skills whose daughter is kidnapped. If that makes it sound like Rage is a cheap rip-off of Taken, well, you’re missing the point. Because while Liam Neeson is the current master of the revenge genre, any such movie is 215 percent better — or at least different — with Cage at his hyper-operatic peak.

In the trailer, Cage’s businessman has a shady past. (I pieced this together because the movie’s tagline is “The Past Never Stays Dead.” Clever.) When some Russian-accented baddies kidnap his daughter, Cage has to get his hands dirty again — even though, as he yells at his old crew, “We swore not to talk about it!”

Do you know what else the trailer for Rage should swear not to talk about? That Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas.

Watch the trailer below.

Rage opens on VOD June 10.