By Dalton Ross
May 08, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT
Michael Yarish/CBS

Latasha Fox made it close to the end of Survivor: Cagayan. But not close enough as she was voted out during last night’s episode. How does she think she would fared had she made it to the final Tribal Council? “Give me the million dollars,” she said when she called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) this morning. Indeed, Tasha is confident she could have beaten anyone and everyone in any combination had she made it to the end. And those aren’t the only strong words that came out of Tasha during our discussion. She also chides Kass for her move to flip away from the majority alliance and questions any and all credit that Tony has gotten for his gameplay, asking “Is Tony that good?” Tasha also names the people in her dream final 3 as well as the player that has impressed her most watching the season play back on TV. It’s a revealing talk, and you can now listen to the entire thing right here on the InsideTV Podcast. (The Tasha interview begins at the 29:20 mark.)

But first up, Zoe Saldana stops by to chat about her scary and sexy new NBC miniseries remake Rosemary’s Baby. Was she nervous to take on a classic? Did she take the part just because it involved filming in Paris for three months? And what was it like having sex with Satan? Zoe tells all! She also brings us up to speed with what’s going on with all of those Avatar sequels as well as the next Star Trek movie. And she also gives us some scoop on this summer’s big Marvel extravaganza, Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s a conversation no fanboy or fangirl will want to miss.

Also stopping by the show is none other than the delightful Mary Lynn Rajskub, who tells us all about the return of 24 and fan favorite Chloe O’Brian. We continue the very European theme of this week’s podcast as Mary Lynn talks about the joys of filming the new season in London, where she has performed in many comedy clubs in her spare time. She also gives her take on Chloe’s punky new look and reveals some of the other fashion choices that fell by the wayside in pre-production. The clock is ticking on your chance to hear our fun chat. Actually, you have as much time to listen to it as you like. Sorry, just got a bit caught up in all the whole 24 race against the clock thing. (The Mary Lynn Rajskub interview begins at the 17 minute mark.)

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