Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the May 6 episode of The Originals, stop reading now!

Our boys just got played. While Marcel, Elijah, and Klaus focused on looking good, getting revenge, and building armies, two women made their move. And as much as I want to root for the strong females (girl power and whatnot), I’m a little too angry that the wolves ruined another one of Elijah’s suits. But in all honesty, I’m glad Francesca is more than just a boring human. Who needs those, right? Let’s do this!

We kicked things off with Jackson and Oliver running an errand for Klaus. Marcel picked them up for a little lesson in torture 101. Marcel wanted to know what Klaus was up to; clearly it involved a witch, given the rare stones Jackson had in his car. But two could play the what’s-your-witch-up-to game: Klaus found out that Marcel had gotten a cloaking spell from Davina and took action. He bit Josh to get leverage with Davina, who gave him the location of Marcel’s hangout.

By the time Elijah and Klaus arrived, Jackson was still there — but he was strapped to quite a few bombs. As Klaus put it, they were to “exercise extreme caution in this general area” because it was a “bit of a mess.” Elijah’s line to Hayley about Jackson being a little tied up right now? I love when the brothers get all cheeky. (But I love it the most when they do it right before evading a big explosion.)

Also, can we talk about the spell Klaus had given Genevieve for the moonlight rings? So he wanted to build a werewolf army that made the creatures lethal to vampires 100 percent of the time, but also gave them vamp speed and strength? He basically wanted hybrids without all the fuss of making them. That confused me a little. But I could’ve been distracted by the amazing wine cellar he and Genevieve were sitting in, because that place looked heavenly. I’ve never wanted to have a date with Elijah in a wine cellar so badly. Instead, Klaus used the cellar to promise Genevieve his mother’s grimoire if she pledged her allegiance to him.

Elsewhere, Cami was playing detective. First, she decoded Kieran’s secret box, which gave her an address. Once there, she realized Kieran had a hidden room full of O’Connell family secrets. And conveniently, there was a box marked “For Cami” — you gotta love those priests and their organization, right? And their literal side, of course. The fact that an “X” marked the secret spot in Kieran’s hideaway room made me chuckle.

Back from the explosion at the docks, Klaus made a deal to unite with Francesca in exchange for some of the stones Genevieve needed for the spell. For some reason, no one seemed to be thrown that Francesca just so happened to have these very rare stones, but I blame that Elijah being too caught up thinking about his last kiss with Hayley. After safely seeing Jackson off, Hayley finally told Elijah that she was supposedly betrothed to the man he’d just saved. Being Elijah, his reaction was to say that he understood the need to make sacrifices for one’s family — but as Hayley put it, “For once in your immortal life, can you just not be so noble?” She asked him to tell her that betrothals are stupid and that she has a choice. But before she could say another word, he grabbed her and kissed her. This was way better than their first kiss for me — the way he held her head, and they both held the kiss. Then he told her, “You will always have a choice.” Okay, stop. I CHOOSE YOU, ELIJAH.

And Genevieve chooses magic! Now with all the necessary ingredients, Genevieve was ready to do the spell. Too bad Marcel and his army had descended upon the compound ready for battle. Klaus went after Marcel, leaving Elijah with at least 50 others to take down, a.k.a. an average Tuesday. And this brings me to my Elijah look of the week. I call this one “Gentlemen, shall we?”:

During Cami’s little history lesson, she discovered that Francesca had falsified her birth certificate. She was actually a Guerrera wolf, which was the line Marcel thought he’d wiped out years earlier. Even bigger twist: Francesca had made a deal with Genevieve. After the spell was done, Genevieve gave Francesca the stones in exchange for Hayley. Just like that, the Guerrera wolves were back with a vengeance. They went around biting every vamp they could find, which wasn’t hard considering Elijah had knocked them all out. And Elijah? Yep, they bit him too, which they will surely regret in the near future. You ruin his suit, he ruins you.

In the street, Marcel and Klaus were having a good old-fashioned fist fight, which I appreciated. But just as Klaus was ready to kill Marcel — he bit into his neck — Klaus collapsed in pain. The wound Genevieve has given him when she’d taken his blood for the spell hadn’t healed. As Genevieve told him, she’d linked the power in the stones to his blood, so every full moon, whenever a wolf uses their power to keep them from turning, they’ll be using his strength and causing him pain. But is that only on the full moon?

Final thoughts: This is for sure the most wolf/hybrid bites we’ve ever seen at once. We basically need to drain Klaus’ blood to save everyone right now, starting with my dear Josh. Speaking of Josh: Davina is totally going to bring Mikael back, right?! Come on, teenage witch! Don’t let me down! Oh, and we learned that Francesca was definitely behind the bayou bombings. She had worked with Oliver with the promise that she’d give him a moonlight stone of his own.

Hayley was in the custody of the crazy ginger and Monique, the “psychotic little b—-.” She’s in labor and currently losing a screaming contest to Klaus, though neither of them looked as pissed as Elijah when he realized she’d been kidnapped. Honestly, do the witches think they won’t be found at the church that’s .5 miles from everything?

Here’s hoping that Klaus delivers some of those “apocalyptic” consequences next week. What did you all think of the episode?


“If Marcel’s got a plan, maybe Klaus will buy a clue, realize he’s a negative on the popularity chart and go into vampire retirement. I hear Palm Springs is nice.” –Josh to Davina

“Disregard my brother. Over the course of the last millennium, his capacity for tact has somewhat diminished.” –Elijah to Jackson

“If you don’t kill him, I will.” –Elijah to Klaus about Marcel

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