By Kurt Christenson
May 07, 2014 at 10:43 PM EDT
DC Entertainment
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The name John Romita Jr. has been synonymous with Marvel Comics for nearly 45 years. His father John Romita Sr. was one of the signature Spider-Man artists from the 1960s, and he himself had definitive runs on Daredevil, The Punisher, Thor, and Spider-Man before branching out to work with Mark Millar on their creator-owned comic book Kick-Ass.

After some dissatisfaction with contract negotiations at Marvel, John Romita Jr. contemplated working on more of his creator-owned projects, when DC Comics lured him to their side of the fence with the cherished offer of drawing — and redefining — the first (and arguably best) superhero, Superman. Paired up with DC’s top writer, fan favorite Geoff Johns, they hope to bring the Man of Tomorrow into the future.

It’s a rare occasion when the noteworthy surprises in comic books come not from deaths or re-designs, but from the creator announcements themselves. Not since Jim Lee took on the Dark Knight in 2003 with writer Jeph Loeb on the Hush storyline has there been such a prominent Marvel artist working on the top-tier DC Comics superheroes. Though, teamed up with his perfect inking collaborator Klaus Janson, DC Comics have just pulled off a major coup, and shocked readers once again.

We have three exclusive slides from Superman #32 below. What’s your take on this Marvelous Man of Tomorrow?

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