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I Love the '90s

It’s happened: the Power Rangers are heading back to the movies. And with luck, this time around Ivan Ooze won’t be anywhere within a twelve-mile radius of the theater.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers remains one of the last glorious bastions of my childhood. Somewhere deep in my bedroom back home, there’s probably at least one expensive action figure (I got the kind that morph, because I was spoiled) hiding away. Although the brand has survived dozens of tinkerings and reboots over the years (Jungle Fury? Really?), the original three-season series is unsullied — in my mind, at least. I can’t speak for the current series, but the old-fashioned Rangers delivered my necessary weekly dose of action, fantastic creatures, high school ennui, and a theme song that refuses to be forgotten.

With the announcement of a new movie franchise, I hope the brand I knew and loved will find its way to a new generation of fans who are currently settling to enjoy whatever form the modern Power Rangers take (which is Power Rangers: Coffee Shop Force, apparently). Frankly, they don’t even know what they’re missing — so my actual deepest wish is for Lionsgate to base its new films (likely a trilogy, likely with a love triangle, likely in some ridiculous dystopia) on the original Mighty Morphin series.

As with any revival, it’s always fun to look back and see what the franchise’s original cast members are up to. Diehard fans of the 1993-96 series should wonder whether we’ll get to see any cameos from some of the first Rangers (sorry, Rocky and Aisha). Spoiler alert: They’re almost all available.

Jason the Red Ranger: Austin St. John

MORPH: Tyrannosaurus

The hunky Red Ranger gave up acting in favor of martial arts, firefighting and working as an EMT paramedic (swoon x3), but he’s still indulging in the Power Rangers fandom by appearing at local Comic Cons. Start lining up now, Hamilton, Ontario!

Billy the Blue Ranger: David Yost

MORPH: Triceratops

Yost was written off the show after walking off set one day in protest of the crew members harassing him over being gay. Yost later declined an invitation to reunite with the show’s original cast for the franchise’s 20th anniversary in 2013. Still, he continues to act and embrace the Power Rangers brand through its fans. (Like St. John, he’s also a staple of conventions.) Yost also served briefly as a segment producer on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Kimberly the Pink Ranger: Amy Jo Johnson

MORPH: Pterodactyl

Of all the former Rangers, the erstwhile Kimberly has become the series’ most successful alum. You’ll recognize her as Keri Russell’s BFF Julie on Felicity, or from her five seasons on the Canadian procedural Flashpoint. In April, Johnson landed a recurring role on the upcoming fifth season of USA’s Covert Affairs.

Zack the Black Ranger: Walter Jones

MORPH: Mastodon

The original Black Ranger still acts—he’s landed over two dozen guest spots since the end of Rangers (and a starring role in the 1996-1997 teen sci-fi comedy Space Cases. Anyone!?). Also, in support of Yost, Jones declined to appear at the 2013 reunion.

Tommy the Green/White Ranger: Jason David Frank

MORPH: Dragonzord

Now an accomplished MMA fighter, Frank continues to return to the franchise reprising his role of Tommy Oliver (now a doctor!) in the DinoThunder and Megaforce seasons. Frank is a regular with Wizard World comic conventions and in 2013 he revealed his desire to reboot the Green Ranger on his own, “kind of like X-Men and Wolverine.”

Trini the Yellow Ranger: Thuy Trang

MORPH: Sabre-toothed Tiger

13 years ago, Trang died in a car accident near San Francisco at the age of 27. She was still working with fellow Ranger cast members up until her death.

I Love the '90s
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