By Jake Perlman
May 07, 2014 at 07:51 PM EDT
Christopher Raphael/FOX

After the premiere of 24: Live Another Day, many fans were left with burning questions. Luckily, the online gambling site Bovada has calculated a few odds and ends about Jack Bauer’s return to television.

How many times will Jack give “his word” during the final 10 episodes? Who might target our hero next? And, oh yeah — who’s going to kick the bucket first? Check out all the stats below:

Who will die first?

Audrey and Mark Boudreau — 5/1: The White House Chief of Staff and his wife have the same odds. We know Jack said he would always love Audrey at the end of the original series, but will her time in its revival be cut short?

President Heller and Prime Minister Trevor Davies — 5/1: The president showed signs of dementia in episode 2. Never a good sign. And being in a position of power will always make you a target.

Chloe O’Brian — 8/1: Chloe has appeared in more episodes of 24 than anyone but Jack — so this would be heartbreaking but a great TV moment.

Tony Almeida — 8/1: Carlos Bernard hasn’t officially been announced as a part of the return event, so it’d be interesting if his character showed up again… then died.

Adrian Cross — 8/1: A new character described as a “charismatic hacker and a leader of the free information movement;” sounds like a dangerous combo. 

Kim Bauer — 9/1: Could this be an offscreen death without Elisha Cuthbert?

Steve Navarro — 9/1: Benjamin Bratt just joined the show; it seems he may have some more time to live another day.

Which agency / terrorist group will be next to detain Jack Bauer? 

MI5 / MI6 / GCHQ — 2/1: Since the season takes place in London, any of these British agencies is possible.

FBI / CIA / Homeland Security — 3/1: No place like good old American protection, taking back one of their own.

Private Security or Foreign Operatives — 3/1: A little vague; these could really mean anyone.

Hezbollah –20/1: Lebanon’s powerful state within a state seems unlikely.

Taliban — 50/1: Doesn’t seem like the Taliban would get involved this time around, either.

Bonus: How many times will Jack Bauer mention or give “his word” this season? 

2 or more — 2/1

Never — 1/3

Bonus bonus: How many times will Jack Bauer say “Damnit, Chloe” this season?

2 or more —  2/1

Never — 1/3