The premise of The Tomorrow People‘s first season was simple: A superior species called The Tomorrow People is the next step in evolution. They have three powers: Telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation. Those powers make some people see them as a threat, which is why Ultra, a government organization, is hunting them.

But as the season went on, we started to explore this world and question who was good, who was evil, and who was even a Tomorrow Person. We found out that this “shadow war” had been going on for years and involved life-threatening experiments, a machine that endangered all humans, limbo, and more. Before we knew it, we were losing people we loved, discovering new layers to the story, and meeting characters we’d been hearing about all season.

And now that the season has wrapped, we know where most everyone stands. The war with Ultra is over, but the same can’t be said for a war with Jedekiah. The Tomorrow People are finally living above ground while Stephen and Cara figure out what to do next. And the refuge? Well, it’s right here on earth.

But with the fate of season 2 still up in the air, we’re looking back at the highs and lows of the season that got us hooked (and really made us wish we were telepathic):

High: Relationships

This show did a great job of incorporating interesting romantic entanglements into the greater scheme of things. From using Morgan to add another layer to Jedekiah’s character to Stephen and Cara’s eventual hookup, the love triangles were always understated. They were secondary to the greater war at hand, but they added an emotional value to the show that allowed viewers to invest further in the characters. And aside from the romance, this show was really about the relationships between all people. The bond of family — blood-related or not — was the foundation on which everything else thrived.

Low: Limbo/Roger

The idea of Roger was solid, and I think it was important for Stephen to go through that journey with his father, but as far as I’m concerned, Roger could’ve only appeared in flashbacks. Having him in limbo for more than half the season only to bring him back and kill him almost immediately felt like something that could’ve been orchestrated differently. Stephen could’ve found a way to manhood without traveling to limbo and losing his father twice.

High: The twists

Marla is a Tomorrow Person! John loses his powers! Hillary kills herself! Jed has powers! Stephen can reverse time?! The second half of this show in particular really stepped up its game in terms of shocking reveals. Sure, some of them fell flat — We all knew Hillary was bad — but most of them kept the viewers on their toes and made watching live not only fun but necessary.

Low: The twist aftermath

Yes, the twists were great, but there were a few of The Tomorrow People’s shocking twists that got reversed a little too quickly for my liking. For example, as much as I loved John as a Tomorrow Person, I was a little bummed that he got his powers back so quickly (even if he did become a supernatural super soldier). I would’ve like to see his struggles as a human, not to mention his ongoing relationship with Astrid. Along the same lines, I was hoping Jedekiah’s powers would last longer if not become permanent. To give us that glimpse of Jed causing chaos and then pull it away felt like a letdown.

High: The jaunt (and fighting in general)

The jaunting scenes were two of my favorites all season. It was a chance for us to see just how cool The Tomorrow People’s powers were. And on a more basic level, it showed structure within the underground world, and it gave more insight into how these people functioned and made decisions. That being said, the fight scenes overall were a high point for this series, particularly if Cara was involved, because she was a badass.

Low: Julian/most guest stars

This show struggled with guest stars. I enjoyed the superhero episode for showing us another side to being a Tomorrow Person, but in general, I thought the guest stars — unless, like Cassie, they had an emotional connection to the show — were mostly unimportant. Sorry, Peter.

High: Breakout Character: Cara

At the beginning of the season, Cara really stood out as the one to watch. She was the strong female trying to figure out how to lead and how to love at the same time. She got a little static toward the middle of the season and was almost trumped by Jedekiah’s fascinating arc, but I thought the finale finally let us get back to the Cara that we fell in love with. She was playful and fierce, and Peyton List was just a joy to watch.

Low: Character Rehab: Natalie

I hated Natalie. And I know that I was supposed to hate Natalie because she betrayed everyone and nearly killed Cara, but I also just hated her character in general, actions aside. First of all, she popped up in one episode as if from nowhere and started loud-mouthing Cara. Honestly, where did she come from? All in all, she wasn’t fully formed and served only as a target of my hatred.

High: GIF of the season

Stephen busts a move.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Low: Ratings Reality

Let’s face it, the ratings weren’t great. The finale pulled in just over a million viewers, and the chances for renewal are low from a numbers perspective. But from what we hear, season 2 would look pretty different.

What were some of your highs and lows from season 1?

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