Peter Dinklage

Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage has signed on to narrate a Discovery nature special. The Emmy winner is taking on Mini Monsters, a two-hour documentary program that follows a cast of diminutive animal characters — from chipmunks to beetles to marmoset monkeys. The special was co-produced by the BBC and was shot around the world, from savannahs and deserts, jungles and forests, to the metropolises of Rio and Tokyo.

“We’ve shared with viewers the incredible lives of the planet’s larger animals, now it’s the turn of the unfamiliar and lesser known lives of smaller creatures,” says Andrew Jackson, executive vp of production and development for Discovery Channel. “These ‘mini monsters’ live in a world where a pinecone can be a meteoroid and a drop of water a flood. These little heroes may be tiny, but they lead fascinating lives that we so rarely get a close view of.”

Here’s a first-look clip of the special, which airs Saturday, May 31: