By Lindsey Bahr
Updated May 06, 2014 at 08:45 PM EDT

He may have fully intended to figure out a new take on Patrick Swayze’s iconic philosopher-surfer, but just months before cameras were supposed to roll on the Point Break remake, news broke that star Gerard Butler had officially dropped out of the project. EW confirmed the news Tuesday.

All we can say is “Vaya con Dios, brah.” It’s probably not a terrible move.

The remake of director Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 cult classic has been in the works since 2011, and finally, in the last year, it looked like Alcon Entertainment was getting traction. They had a script from Kurt Wimmer. Butler had signed on. They’d found a director in Ericson Core, and even a Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey).

The Hollywood Reporter, which first broke the Butler news, cited creative and scheduling differences for the fallout and says that Alcon still intends to keep its start date and will work quickly to recast the role.

Alcon Entertainment did not immediately respond to EW’s request for comment.

But now that there’s this hole, what do you all think? Who would you like to see in the part?

Point Break

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  • R
  • 122 minutes
  • Kathryn Bigelow