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The Tomorrow People‘s first season has been a year full of our favorite T’s: telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, and twists. From people we never thought would have powers — Marla! — to those who lost them — John! — it’s safe to say that the end of the season looks nothing like the world we were introduced to months ago. And now, after last week’s big shocker, The Tomorrow People finale is shaping up to be an event all its own. What will Jedekiah do now that he has powers? Will Roger survive The Machine? And which characters will die?

We caught up with Executive Producer Phil Klemmer to talk about the finale and hear his pitch for season 2. (Yes, he has pitched it to the network!) Check it out below:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Jedekiah is a Tomorrow Person! How is this going to affect his plan and where he’s going in the finale?

PHIL KLEMMER: I really loved that moment two episodes ago when he was talking to his brother and sort of came clean and said, “I liked it when you were dead because I was the powerful brother.” He does have a personal, pathological, Cain-and-Abel baggage of being the one who got the short end of the biological stick, but he’s got these high-minded principles as well. I’ve said like a million times: We’re the only show whose arch villain’s uber plan is to protect mankind. Everything that Jedekiah has done has been to that end – everybody he’s killed, everybody he’s betrayed, everybody he’s manipulated – it’s been to keep humans on the top of the evolutionary pyramid. So in the finale, he’s going to be torn between the selfish impulse and his selfless impulse. We’ve seen him at the height of his powers at the end of 21, and in the finale, we will see him absolutely devastated. I think not a few tears will be shed for poor Jedekiah.

Oh no! I love Jed. Well, my other thought when this happened was, if a human can become a Tomorrow Person, does this mean John could potentially revert back?

I feel like someone might’ve been listening in to our writers room. [Laughs] That is totally possible, but just with Jedekiah getting powers, the possibility of John getting them back, I don’t think either of those things can happen without an unintended consequence. I’m a big believer that when you go playing God or trying to outsmart mother nature, there are consequences that you can’t foresee that might be not worth the risk, and in the finale and certainly the way we leave things off before season 2, you’re going to see the horrible consequence of our characters trying to play God.

Russell made an unfortunate choice last week. What’s his journey in this finale?

He will have his chance at atonement and obviously, depending on what happens to Roger, that might not be possible. I don’t think Russell made a terrible decision. He was really trying to preserve the lives of his friends and his kind, and certainly humankind, he doesn’t owe anything to them, and if The Founder is offering him this chance to not be hunted, then I guess turning over Roger is just the cost of his own freedom. We played him as the comic relief [this season], and I really wanted to turn him into a tragic figure.

There have been so many teases surrounding this finale. I know of three major deaths and someone potentially in limbo, so what do you feel is going to be the biggest cliffhanger at the end of the season?

The biggest cliffhanger at the end of the season is The Tomorrow People. Obviously, they’re fractured at the end of 21, but our central quartet – I guess with the exception of Russell who is on the outs – but by the time you get to the end of the finale, it’ll be clear that when we pick up in season 2, that The Tomorrow People will be on opposite sides of the battle lines, and people that you can’t imagine being adversaries. We’re going to break some of the television rules, because television is changing so quickly that, in order to catch people on their heels, you have to sort of do all the things that you were told you could never do.

I know you’ve pitched season 2, so what can you tease about how the world would look?

Season 2 is going to pick up a good deal into the future, and in a lot of ways, episode 201 will be like a second pilot where we catch up with our characters very much like adults. Stephen was a high school student in season 1. I think we sort of exhausted the plausibility or just the dramatic usefulness of that. It was about his family, it was about a young man trying to find out who he is and what he is and who his father is and what his father did and etc. etc. And season 2, he will know who he is, and the question will really be how he chooses to use his powers. And so it’s really interesting. I think our characters are so strong that they can really withstand a seismic shift in the world that they’re inhabiting, so if we flash forward into the future years, I think that’s, to me, really interesting.

Might The Tomorrow People be above ground at that point?

They might! They certainly might. And then the question is: If they’re not being hunted, how do they use their powers then? So much of season 1 was just about existential issues and how to hide and how to keep their powers hidden, and in season 2, I’d really like to open up the world so that the question is how should they choose to use their powers?

How are you feeling about your renewal odds?

I know that the network couldn’t be more pleased with the content of the show. They are truly fans, and they were delighted by our season 2 pitch, and it always comes down to business decisions, but creatively, they’re also champions of the show and that gives me a lot of optimism as does the ferociousness of our fans, modest though they may be. I feel like every show that I’ve worked on, whether it’s been Veronica Mars or Chuck, these bubble shows in a lot of ways, without sounding arrogant, I think also happen to be some of the best shows. They can’t quantify the rabidness of how much [fans] love your show. Eyeballs are eyeballs but I feel like, if they could, The Tomorrow People would be doing pretty well.

Watch an exclusive clip from tonight’s finale below:

The Tomorrow People season 1 finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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