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With every episode of The Originals, Klaus’ list of enemies seems to grow longer. And at this point, he’s got a number of people to worry about (as much as an all-powerful hybrid needs to worry.) There are the witches, who want to kill his unborn child, his father, who’s trying to come back from the dead to kill him, Marcel, who’s readying for battle, and whatever’s going on with that key the humans have … to name a few. But heading into the penultimate episode, Joseph Morgan is most worried about two specific members of the Originals universe.

On the one hand, there’s Mikael, who Morgan identified as “the most terrifying threat,” for Klaus. But in terms of Klaus’ potential for redemption, Morgan is more focused on Klaus’ unborn child. “The emotional investment that Klaus has finally made in his child and the potential for the child to save him, to redeem Klaus is huge, so the witches, Genevieve, particularly, being a threat to his child is pretty worrying as well,” Morgan said.

So basically, Klaus needs to keep his eye on the unborn and the potentially undead. “For Klaus’ person, for his physical form, if Mikael gets his way and is able to get a body and come back somehow, I think Mikael is the biggest threat, but for Klaus’ redemption, for his sanity, for everything that’s good in him, I think that Genevieve at the moment along with Monique is the biggest threat because they take his child and he’ll be going down a pretty dark path, I would imagine.”

And speaking of Klaus’ children, he and Marcel had a great moment last week, in which both affirmed their father-son relationship, and yet, also prepared for a bloody battle. So does Morgan think Klaus will let his feelings get in the way on the battlefield? “[That] is going to be answered on Tuesday,” he said with a chuckle. “He has before let his feelings get in the way at the last minute, [but] he’s also charged at his sister with the white oak stake and only because he was stopped by Elijah did it not happen. I think he tried to stab her a couple of times and was ready to kill her, was ready to end her and then was stopped. I think he’s capable of doing very rash things, which he will deeply regret later, but the potential is there. We’ve seen how much of a monster he can be. He does care for Marcel deeply, Marcel is his adopted son, he raised him and he sired him. There’s a huge love there between those characters, but in the moment, could Klaus do something terrible? Absolutely.”

While we’re talking family, what ever happened to that one member of Klaus’ wolf bloodline that we met? Well, Morgan doesn’t know, but Klaus’ wolf family is a story he’s dying to delve into next season. “That’s a huge untapped resource we have, and I would hope moving into season 2, that we’ll see more of his background, his wolf side. We saw one of his bloodline, and we found this ring that his mother made for his true biological father, so I think the idea of exploring that, certainly for me, is very interesting, because the Klaus we met was very much a vampire. We’ve seen more of the beast in him certainly over the last season, but definitely, we could explore more of that. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we discovered a pack that was descended from his bloodline, so there’s another family of which Klaus is a member, and then you have these two families, and he’s a member of both? I should be pitching this to Julie [Plec]. Season 2, I think we just figured it out!”

So now that we figured that out, we asked Morgan to play a game called What Would Klaus Do: The Fatherhood Edition. It’s pretty much exactly what you think it is. Read his answers below:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Your daughter is crying at 3 a.m. and needs to be fed. Hayley is fast asleep. What would Klaus do?

JOSEPH MORGAN: He calls for fast food delivery, grabs the delivery guy, drags him up to the bedroom, and feeds him to his daughter.

Klaus needs a night out, and Hayley’s already out with friends. Who’s his go-to babysitter in the quarter?

I think it’s going to be Davina, isn’t it? She’s about babysitter age. She’ll treat the compound with the appropriate amount of disrespect while we’re gone. [Laughs] I think it would have to be her.

Your kid comes home from school and is being bullied. How does Klaus handle it?

Not well. [Laughs] I think for that one, Klaus would call Uncle Marcel, and he and Uncle Marcel would go down to the school and have a word with the bullies and make an example of them and possibly their families and their families’ friends and everyone their families [have] ever known.

Your teenager gets arrested for underage drinking. What would Klaus do?

This is where Uncle Elijah comes in. She’s in jail, right? It’s not Klaus that picks her up, it’s Uncle Elijah, which is worse for her, because she’s used to Klaus ranting and shouting at her now — she lets it go in one ear and out the other — but Uncle Elijah, when he’s disappointed in her, that really hurts. So I think that’s what happens: He sends Uncle Elijah and she gets a very stern talking to and it’s almost worse than being angry with her, because he’s disappointed, and that really gets her.

She brings a boy home. What does Klaus do?

Eats him. [Laughs]

She’s going to visit Mystic Falls. Whom does she stay with?

Oh man. Who’s safe over there? If only I hadn’t killed Aunt Jenna, she would be the one, wouldn’t she? I knew that was going to come back and bite him. [Laughs] And Uncle John was pretty strict. The trouble is, all the good ones are dead.

Because of you!

Not all of them because of me. Most of them because of me, yeah, but not all of them. [Laughs] Who’s still in Mystic Falls that she can stay with? You know what? I think Stefan. Not Tyler Lockwood, that would be a mistake after what happened between them, but I think Stefan because he and Klaus go back a long way.

Watch an exclusive clip from Tuesday’s penultimate episode of The Originals below:

The Originals airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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