By Pamela Gocobachi
May 05, 2014 at 02:44 PM EDT
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Childish Gambino’s Deep Web Tour Hit L.A.’s Shrine Auditorium last night where the Community star/hyper-self-aware rapper dished out an energetic two hour set to a sold out crowd. Check out what you missed if you didn’t make it out to the show below:

With a name like “The Deep Web Tour,” it’s hard to imagine just what kind of show you’ll be in for when actor/comedian Donald Glover becomes his rap alter egoo. But just like his music, everything about the sold-out night, from the transition slides to the actual set– a series of screens and props that give the illusion that you’ve just stepped into some rich kid’s house– feel carefully thought out.

The crowd chanted “Worldstar” repeatedly until suddenly, Gambino appeared on stage, clad in a black crewneck sweater and a pair of cotton drawstring shorts.

Gambino danced with so much energy as he rapped that he almost seemed to float across the stage, but he doesn’t talk much, save for the occasional, “How you feelin’, L.A.?” What he lacks in clever banter, he made up for with momentum, spitting out verse after verse from tracks like “Black Faces,” “Crawl,” and “Worldstar.” In one rare moment of confession, the rapper prefaced “All She Needed Was Some” with the blunt declaration, “This song is about sex”; the crowd went wild.

Jhene Aiko joined Gambino on stage for their collaborative track, “Pink Toes” drawing cheers; her appearance wasn’t entirely surprising, considering that a few weeks ago the rising R&B singer brought Gambino on stage during her set at Coachella.

Gambino followed her guest spot with his Because the Internet single, “3005” before closing t out with “Earth: The Oldest Computer (The Last Night).” Childish urged the crowd to jump and move and as the song crescendoed, the set behind him gives the illusion of falling apart before getting sucked into a vortex. The lights dimmed and Childish exited the stage, but quickly returned for an extended encore featuring crowd pleasers like “Heart Beat,” and “One Up.”

“I’m losing my voice, but I’m gonna spit this sh*t like it’s my f***ing life. You feel me, L.A.?” he asked before capping off his energetic set for the night with older songs like “Freaks & Geeks” and “Bonfire.” From all the evidence, L.A. very much was.