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Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the season 2 finale of Bates Motel, stop reading now!

Are we saying goodbye to Norman? Because the ending of that finale definitely felt like a farewell to me. Specifically, it felt like a farewell to that adorable boy from Finding Neverland — which probably accurately describes Norman as a child — and a greeting to the teenager who killed his father and his teacher. On a separate note, I loved the return of his Norma personality and her amazing outfit, because the only thing more extreme than Norma is Norman’s version of her, and I’m a little obsessed with her.

All in all, I felt like this finale did a beautiful job of setting up season 3. Let’s be honest: The most annoying storyline this season was all things drug-trade. Looking at Zade, and his godawful hair, was something I refused to get used to, and what exactly was the point of Jodi? She was a woman in power, which was cool, but she didn’t exactly do much for the story. Nick Ford, on the other hand, did intrigue me (and not just because he once shot McDreamy). I love that actor, but at the end of the day, I’m glad they’ve wiped this drug slate clean. I’m not sure if I’m an advocate of Dylan taking over, but if it would change how the entire world functioned, count me in.

More importantly, we have to talk about the Dylan-Romero buddy cop thing we had going for a second. When Romero picked Dylan up after killing Nick Ford and the two went to rescue Norman, I knew it’d be good and not just because I love all things Romero. But when they teamed up to kill Zade, I officially started rooting for their bromance. P.S. How did Romero manage to take out multiple of Zade’s men so quickly? I’m convinced the man is a ninja (with killer natural eyeliner). Also, if Dylan doesn’t become a drug lord, can he please become a cop?

Elsewhere, away from the drugs, Norman’s whole world had pretty much fallen apart after his time in the box forced him to remember the night he killed Blaire Watson. His immediate reaction was to kill himself. Correction: His immediate reaction was to make a suicide check list and then kill himself. And yes, apple pie was on his checklist. Brilliant, Bates writers. Just brilliant.

After tidying up his things and confessing his crime to his mother, Norman left her a note and headed to the woods with a gun in hand. Only Norma caught up to him — and tackled him — before he could pull the trigger. She finally told him that he’d killed his father, but when he asked her how she expected him to live with himself, she said that if he died, she’d died right along with him. And in the moment we’ve all been equal parts waiting for and dreading, Norma kissed her son in a not-very-motherly way. I don’t want to say that I liked it, because that would sound wrong, but as a fan of this show, it was a big moment, and I think it was executed perfectly. There. That didn’t sound as weird, did it?

But surprisingly, the sweetest mother-son moments of the episode occurred with Norma and Dylan. Finally, after two years, Norma verbally expressed her love for Dylan, and the two teamed up to try to save Norman. And by save, I mean allow him to take the polygraph test to find out if he really did kill Blaire. And thanks to the reappearance of Norman’s motherly personality/hallucination, he was able to pass the polygraph by lying (mostly to himself) about the fact that he didn’t kill Blaire. But as Norma and Dylan celebrated in the hallway, the camera cut back to Norman, where for lack of a better phrase, he faded to black. I will say that that evil face was pretty damn menacing, Freddie.

So what did you all think of the finale? Sound off in the comments below, and then check out my postmortem with EP Kerry Ehrin. Yes, she talks all about the kiss!

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