Joel McHale
Credit: Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

Who would have thought President Obama would receive more laughs than Joel McHale at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday night? The Community star’s jokes were mostly met with groans from the journalists, dignitaries, and showbiz types who filled the Washington Hilton Ballroom for the 100th annual gala.

“I host a show called The Soup which is on the E! network,” McHale said, introducing himself. “To Republicans in attendance, E! is the channel that your deeply closeted gay son likes to watch. Democrats, it’s the same channel that your happy, openly gay son likes to watch. It’s also home to the Kardashians, who, believe it or not, are Republicans. And I know that because they’re always trying to screw black people.”

He also took shots at Chris Christie and Robert DeNiro, which did not go over well. You can watch McHale’s full speech here:

Where McHale’s commentary on race — particularly the Donald Sterling and Cliven Bundy fiascos — fell flat, Obama’s jokes on the subject were timely and clever.

“House Republicans actually give John Boehner a harder time than they give me, which means orange really is the new black,” the president said in one of his most memorable lines.

The Commander in Chief also made this crack: “Let’s face it, Fox — you’ll miss me when I’m gone….It will be harder to convince the American people that Hillary was born in Kenya.” His full speech is here:

Even Vice President Joe Biden got in on the action, appearing in a pre-taped segment with fictional Veep Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Biden and Louis-Dreyfus’ Selina Meyer sneak into the West Wing…for ice cream. And then they get yelled at by healthy eating guru Michelle Obama. Take a look: