By Amber Ray
Updated May 04, 2014 at 05:09 PM EDT

It’s tough out there for a musician in the middle of a galactic war. But there’s one place quality performers are always in high demand, and that’s the Mos Eisley Cantina.

Even some of Earth’s biggest music stars covet a gig in the Tatooine hive of scum and villainy — at least if you’re to believe this video from College Humor.

The comedy site partnered with Lucasfilm for this parody, released just in time for Star Wars Day. Chris Daughtry, Ben Folds, Liz Phair, Reggie Watts, Mark McGrath, Jordin Sparks, Rick Springfield, Weird Al, Lisa Loeb, and mc chris — or rather, their Star Wars Universe alter-egos — all try out for a role in Figrin D’an’s legendary band the Modal Nodes. The auditions don’t go very well.

There’s Chris Darthtry, a Sith singer with an irrational fear that derails his chances; Jor Din Sparks, who thinks she needs to plead with viewers for votes; and Rick Forcefield, who can “play the guitar using only the Force,” but not very well. Check it out, and May the 4th be with you: