By Hillary Busis
Updated August 04, 2017 at 02:47 PM EDT

It must sort of suck to know that even as you’re spending all week preparing to host Saturday Night Live for the very first time, there’s just one question running through the minds of everyone planning to watch: When’s that dude’s girlfriend gonna show up?

Yes, Emma Stone is charming and funny and great, and proved herself to be an SNL natural when she headlined the show in 2010 and 2011. But Stone’s longtime beau Andrew Garfield is no slouch himself. Witness, for example, the easy charm on display during his only previous Saturday Night Live appearance, a cameo in Emma’s last monologue:

(Wait, Coldplay was Stone’s musical guest too? Spooky!)

Flash forward three years, and Garfield has lost his lustrous locks (which, to be sure, is a damned shame). Even so, he’s only gotten more likable in the interim. And as his recent appearances on The Tonight Show and in his SNL promos proved, Garfield certainly isn’t afraid to let loose and get silly — which might just be the most important tool in any first-time host’s bag of tricks. The bottom line: Even if Stone doesn’t show up, Andrew should do just fine. (But, like, she’s gonna show up — right?)

Another reason to be excited for tonight’s show? Current events have conspired to give SNL‘s cast and writers a wealth of material for incisive, topical sketches. Expect a cold open focused on the Donald Sterling debacle, a Weekend Update visit from Bobby Moynihan’s Rob Ford, an impressions sketch about all the actors who didn’t make it into the new Star Wars movie… or, possibly, all three. And keep your fingers crossed for the return of Emma Stone’s Lindsay Lohan, on hand to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls. (Assuming she stops by. Knock wood.)

Just don’t hold out for any Gwyneth Paltrow jokes — because funny as “conscious uncoupling” references may be, they’d be in poor taste when Chris Martin’s in the building. That’s not to say Coldplay’s frontman has no sense of humor, though; remember when he crooned alongside Garth and Kat in 2011? No? Well, that happened:

Even if Martin doesn’t step out from behind his microphone this time around, I’m hoping that he and his band don’t fight the urge to interpret “Magic” literally, preferably via onstage illusions and old-timey costumes. Wouldn’t that be more fun than a bunch of dudes just standing around, playing instruments?

What are you hoping to see from SNL tonight? Discuss below, and check back tomorrow morning for a full recap.

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