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Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 5

Tip: Don’t mix up your credit card with Amy Poehler’s. She will steal yours.

At least, that’s what happened to Poehler’s pal Seth Meyers when they accidentally switched cards after splitting a dinner bill. As Meyers explained on Late Night earlier this week, once he realized the mix-up, he made a plan with Poehler to messenger the cards to each other. Meyers followed through; Poehler did not. Instead, after receiving her credit card, she took a selfie with the two credit cards and a fan of cash to send to Meyers with the hashtag “#upperhand.” That crazy Amy!

Watch the videos below for Meyers’ take on the ongoing saga of what he calls Credit Cardgate — and to see how Poehler’s been using his card for the past few days. And no, there’s no concrete evidence she’s bought a boat with it…yet.

First, Meyers tells the story of the mix-up and reveala that once he informed Poehler of it, she texted back, “I just bought a boat.” At least she’s honest.

Then, Poehler received her credit card and kept Meyers’, which inspired her to take the best selfie of all time. All. Time.

Later, Meyers checked out his credit card bill and discovered Poehler used his card to check in to a hotel — and apparently, it was no Holiday Inn. “She’s out to get me, and she must be stopped,” Meyers demands.

As of May 1, Meyers’ card is having a great time with Poehler across the country in Beverly Hills. (He’s based in New York.) Meyers knows this because Poehler sent another selfie with the card. If only every identity thief was this delightful!

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 5
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