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May 01, 2014 at 04:42 PM EDT
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The Vampire Diaries and death are sort of like two peas in a pod. But last week, viewers witnessed a death unlike any they’d seen before when Damon’s longtime pal, Enzo, decided to essentially frame Stefan for his suicide, if only to ruin the Salvatore brothers’ relationship. But with the other side crumbling, Enzo isn’t exactly gone from Mystic Falls.

For now, Enzo will be sticking around as a very pissed off ghostly presence, ready to enact his revenge on Stefan, Damon, and pretty much everyone. “I kind of view Enzo as a little bit of an anarchist,” Michael Malarkey said. “He doesn’t give a s— about all the stuff that a lot of the other characters care about, so he’s really quick to dismiss things or say, ‘That’s a bunch of crap’ or ‘All this girlfriend bulls— is pointless, let’s focus on real stuff here.’ So, I think there’s an element of him which is mad at the world and doesn’t care, but there’s also [a] very specific reason for him to be upset with, in particular Damon and Stefan.”

But being a ghostly presence, how will Enzo pose a threat to the living members of Mystic Falls? “He’s left on the other side, [and] there’s a part of him going, ‘What the hell am I doing here?’ Now he’s going to do whatever he can to reveal the fact that he’s dead-alive and kicking and pissed off with how things have gone down,” Malarkey said. “Because the other side is collapsing, there becomes little chinks in the fabric as it were, little glitches in the matrix. So Enzo ends up finding some of these little glitches and, in a very creepy manner, the rest of the gang finds out as well.”

However, finding out Enzo is a ghost would require Damon to find out his friend had died, correct? So what would happen if Damon found out that Stefan had a (literal) hand in that situation? Malarkey sees it playing out in one of two ways: “I think if he does end up finding out, there will be an element of betrayal between him and Stefan. However, Stefan is actively trying to cover that up. He’s elected not to tell Damon, which is actually gonna probably make it worse if he does find out. But Damon also has a tendency to fly off the handle, so anything could happen. Damon could return to the dark side again or he could achieve some kind of sense of redemption with his brother, but you’re gonna find out in the lead up to the finale.”

With that being said, Enzo will quickly realize that perhaps killing himself wasn’t the best idea he’s ever had. “He’s realized that the other side is beginning to kind of fall apart, so I think there’s an element of not wanting to be there to see that happen because it’s like the Nothing from The NeverEnding Story. What’s going to happen? It’s the Nothing. I don’t want to go there.”

The only good news to come out of Enzo’s little trip to supernatural purgatory is that it means viewers will get the chance to see a few familiar faces. “I can’t tell you who or what, [but] he will run into some people, some interesting folk, some that you may have seen before, and eventually try to get the hell out of there, I reckon,” Malarkey said.

Will he succeed in escaping? Well, we’re not sure. But he will be back in next week’s episode. “He’s going to be part of the lead up to the finale, which is incredible, by the way. When I first read it, I was gobsmacked by how it played out and you’re going to get a lot of surprises, a few deaths, and some heavy drama going on. And it leaves it in a great place for season 6, so people will be itching to get back into the world and see what’s going to happen to these characters.”

And just in case you were wondering, yes, Malarkey also loved Enzo’s relationship with Caroline. “I really liked the banter between them because Caroline’s actually one of my favorite characters on the show because she’s so herself and cooky,” he said. “I thought the chemistry between the two of them was actually really fun. The episode where they went on the road trip was one of my favorites to shoot because of that. We had a blast doing that.”

The Vampire Diaries airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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