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Devil's Bargain

Last night Supernatural aired an episode that acted as the backdoor pilot for its hopeful spin-off Supernatural: Bloodlines.

It centered on a young man, named Ennis (Lucien Laviscount), who enters the world of hunting and finds himself in the center of a monster mob war. You thought it was aight. At least, that’s what we gathered from the results of our online poll, in which 29 percent of our readers said they were on the fence about the show.

The most prevalent complaint among Supernatural loyals, however, is something you have to agree with — we wish the spin-off centered on a character we’ve already met.

In the rich world of Supernatural, there is no shortage of interesting and vibrant characters we’ve met over the course of ten seasons, and an opportunity to have a spin-off could have been a great opening to flesh some of those characters out even more.

The CW will pick its fall lineup in May, and whether or not Bloodlines is on that list, here are some SPN-offs we’d like to see:

The character: Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino)

The title: Supernatural: I Love Lucy

The premise: Whether Lucifer is still in the cage with Michael — in which case this show should be called Cage Fighters — or out on his own threatening to end the world yet again, we would watch it, so long as he continues quoting “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

The characters: Every human who’s died on this show

The title: Supernatural: Heaven Is Real

The premise: It’s like Cheers, but in heaven, so we hang out with Jo and Ellen and Bobby, etc. upstairs and see what they’re up to. Clearly, there are still wars to be fought in heaven.

The character: Krissy Chambers (Madison McLaughlin)

The title: Supernatural: The Next Generation

The premise: Ten years in the future, former teen hunter Krissy Chambers is now all grown up and dealing with all the problems that come with it — juggling a day job (something with computers, because, hello, it’s 2024), a night job (hunting) and a long-term relationship with Aiden (who we met in season 8’s “Freaks and Geeks”). But the rise of a new, terrifying supernatural threat throws her seemingly balanced life into chaos, and she’ll have to put her years of training and experience into practice like never before. In the course of ten years, Krissy may have become savvier than ever — but so have the baddies. Basically, GIRL POWER!

The character: John Winchester (Matt Cohen, with a beard)

The title: Supernatural: Origins

The premise: Based off the comic book series, this limited series would take us back to the early days of John Winchester’s life as a newbie hunter who has two young boys to care for. We’re not asking for a lot — just ten episodes!

The character: Death (Julian Richings)

The title: Death vs. Food

The premise: Even Death gets tired of killing every now and then and needs to take a break — like he did when Dean took over for him that one time. And what does he do when he needs to get away? Well, considering he’s a total foodie, he hits the road in his classic car, and gives Guy Fieri a run for his money discovering the greatest eats all over the globe.

— from the imaginations of Sandra Gonzalez and Samantha Highfill

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