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And here we go.

After last week’s shocking episode, Slade Wilson has only just begun to take down Starling, and this week was all about his minions and their leader, Sebastian Blood. Also, tears. This week was all about the tears (both the characters’ and my own). Let’s do this!

We started at Moira’s funeral, where there was an empty seat in the front row. Oliver had been missing for a few days, which left Thea to greet people at the reception, including Sebastian Blood, who gave a very uncomfortable and out-of-place speech about ancestors and family legacy. Go home, Blood. You’re drunk. (Not really.) However, believe it or not, Blood didn’t win the award for worst guest at the reception. No, I’d have to give that one to Ms. Rochev, who met up with Felicity and Diggle to threaten Oliver’s life. Like I said, rude. The only good thing to come out of the funeral was dear old Walter making another appearance, but even he couldn’t convince Thea to let go of her anger toward Ollie.

Elsewhere, Blood was sworn in as mayor when Laurel once again brought up her worries to her father. She knew Blood was bad, and within minutes, she’d proved it. After bugging his computer, they found a press release he’d written about the Queen family’s tragic loss. It sounded fine, but he’d written it before Moira had been killed. So either he’s psychic or evil, and in Starling, it’s always the latter.

Out of options — and almost out of snake venom for Roy — Diggle and Felicity headed over to Felicity’s heaven — computers! technology! — to ask Amanda Waller for help finding Oliver. Her team located him at his “other” lair, a secondary facility. There, he told Felicity and Diggle about his plan: He was going to end this tonight by turning himself over to Slade. One more person had to die to finish this, and he would be that person. “Someone once told me that the essence of heroism is to die so others can live,” he told them. Yes Ollie, but that person was Ivo, and why on earth would you listen to anything that guy said?! But nonsense aside, I have to call out Stephen Amell for his work in this scene and this episode as a whole. Great, powerful stuff.

Back to Starling! Before turning himself over, Ollie made a stop at home, where he told Thea — whose club was being shut down by Isabel — that he thought it was a good idea for her to leave town. He told her that she was the best of the Queen family, that she had the purest heart. And before she left, he told her that he had cherished having her as a sister every day. From there, he went back to the pier where it all began to give himself over to Slade. Too bad his team beat Slade there.

Ollie woke up to find Laurel in the lair. She told him that she knew, and they briefly discussed the night Tommy died before she proved her worth: He wasn’t going to give up, because he wasn’t going to stop Slade. He was going to stop Sebastian, who was working for Slade! And with the realization that Blood had been bad all along, Ollie decided to join the new mayor for dinner. Ollie tried to convince Blood that Slade wouldn’t keep his promises, but Blood was already too far into this thing (and also incredibly naive). The conversation didn’t exactly solve anything, but it did give us the moment where Ollie said, “Because I’m the Arrow,” which I’ll be watching on repeat for the rest of the night.

And in my favorite scene of the night, Diggle and Felicity grabbed Blood’s bodyguard for an interrogation. As Felicity introduced herself, “Hi, I’ll be your interrogator.” Thanks to a tablet and some wifi, she was then able to steal a couple million dollars from the guy and get him to talk. And just like that, Team Arrow had a plan. Blood’s army was being housed underground, so they were going to blow up the block and have it cave in on them. It theoretically would’ve worked if Ollie hadn’t gotten into a fight with one of the Mirakuru soldiers, and if Laurel hadn’t shown up, and if pretty much everything hadn’t completely fallen apart. Basically, orange and black masks are all over Starling City, and Slade’s takeover has officially begun. Oh, and Isabel — who got her fancy Ravager version of the mask — is ready to take out her vengeance on Diggle.

Finally, on the island this week, we watched as Ollie and his team figured out how to get the submarine free so that they could use it. We also saw what could be the moment Ollie lost Sara for good.

So what did you all think of the episode? Is this show somehow getting better every week? And is that phone call Felicity got from S.T.A.R. Labs about a cure? It has to be. Sound off in the comments below!


“I don’t even know why I’m crying. I didn’t even like Moira.” -Felicity at Moira’s reception

“Can I touch it?” -Felicity about an A.R.G.U.S. computer

Blood’s bodyguard: You bitch.

Felicity: Bitch with wifi.

“I can see why you two are made for each other. You like your explosions.” -Russian to Sara and Oliver

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